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she exclaimed, in broken tones, panting between every few words——

"Captain Cruel!—you are betrayed—they are after you!"

He did not press her. He waited till she could speak again, lowering the lantern.

Then, without the glare in her eyes, she was able to speak more freely.

"There is a boat—a Revenue cutter—waiting in the bay—and—above—are the Preventive men—and they will kill you."

"Indeed," said he. "And you have come to warn me?"


"Tell me—are there any above, where you came down?"

"None; they are on the ass-path."

"Can you ascend as you came down?"


He extinguished his lantern, or covered it.

"I must no more show light. I must warn those below." He paused, then said——

"Dare you mount alone."

"I came down alone."

"Then do this one thing more for me. Mount, and go to Pentyre. Tell your aunt—three lights—red, white, red; then ten minutes, and then, red, red, white. Can you remember? Repeat after me: 'Three lights—red, white, red; then ten minutes, and next, red, red, and white.'"

Judith repeated the words.

"That is right. Lose no time. I dare not give you a light. None must now be shown. The boat from the Black Prince is not in—this lantern was her guide. Now it is out she will go back. You will remember the signals? I thank you for what you have done. There is but one woman would have done it, and that Judith."

He stepped inside the shaft to descend. When hidden, he allowed his light again to show, to assist him in his way down. Judith only waited till her eyes, that had been dazzled by the light, were recovered, and then she braced herself to resume her climb; but now it was to be up the cliff.