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"Ju, let me alone! It is such fun," said the boy.

"Jamie! this instant you shall come with me. Get down off the table!"

As he hesitated, and looked round to the men who had been applauding him for support against his sister, she went to the table, and caught him by the feet.

"Jamie! in pity to me! Jamie! think—papa is but just dead."

Then tears of sorrow, shame, and entreaty filled her eyes.

"No, Ju! I'm not tied to your apron-strings," said the lad, disengaging himself.

But in an instant he was caught from the table by the strong arm of Coppinger, and thrust toward the door.

"Judith, you should not have come here."

"Oh, Mr. Coppinger—and Jamie! why did you let him——"

Coppinger drew the girl from the room into the passage.

"Judith, not for the world would I have had you here," said he, in an agitated voice. "I'll kill your aunt for letting you come down."

"Mr. Coppinger, she knew nothing of my coming. Come I must—I heard Jamie's voice."

"Go," said the Captain, shaking the boy. He was ashamed of himself and angry. "Beware how you disobey your sister again."

Coppinger's face was red as fire. He turned to Judith——

"Your feet are bare. Let me carry you up-stairs—carry you once more."

She shook her head. "As I came down so I can return."

"Will you forgive me?" he said, in a low tone.

"Heaven forgive you," she answered, and burst into tears. "You will break my heart, I foresee it."