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Required:—Chopped mocha ½ seer, poppy seed 1 powa, mustard oil ½ powa, sesame 1 chhatak, salt 1½ tolas, a few green chillies.

Methods:—Keep the chopped mocha for a couple of hours in water. Then boil them in fresh water and squeeze off the water. Mix pasted poppy seed, oil, entire sesame, salt and pieces of chillies with them. Place this mass in a flat round shape, one inch thick, on 3 or 4 layers of banana leaves and cover it also in the same way. Bind it, place it on a frying pan and apply mild heat alternately on both sides of the cake for about half an hour. Excessive heat will burn the outer surfaces, the interior remaining uncooked, in spite of the several layers of banana leaves which are placed to prevent the burning of the cake. This cake is very palatable.


Make a thick solution of pasted pulses of peas or grams and dip pieces, 1 or 1½ inch square, of very tender leaves of amrita mun into it, and fry them in ghee or oil. Boil some ghee with a few cassia leaves and pour in water with powdered coriander, ginger, pepper, cumin and turmeric. When it boils add the fried pieces and salt. Take down after adding powdered garam-masalla when no soup is left.