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½ powa coriander 1 tola, salt 1 tola, turmeric, pepper, cumin and garam-masalla ¼ tola each, a few cassia leaves, a pinch of sugar, water about 1 powa and a little milk.

Method:—Peel the vegetables, cut the potatoes in medium pieces and half the kernel of the cocoanut in small pieces. Slightly brown the panifal, potato, cocoanut and moistened grams in ghee and then add water with powdered turmeric, coriander, pepper, cumin and salt. After a time add browned bori, a little milk and a pinch of sugar. Season the curry when it is boiled with ghee heated with a few cassia leaves and cardamom seeds. Add powdered garam-masalla and take down when the soup is thick.


Required:—Karola ½ seer, pepper, cumin and garam-masalla ¼ tola each, coriander 1 tola, salt 1 tola, ginger ½ tola, turmeric ½ tola, curd ½ powa, sugar ½ powa, ghee ½ powa, a ripe cocoa-nut and a few cassia leaves.

Method:—Scrape out the kernel of the cocoanut, mix them with sugar, pasted ginger and garam-masalla and fry them with ghee. Then remove the seeds from the tender karolas by cutting off one end of each, fill the hollows with this stuff and close the ends with a little flour paste. Fry them in ghee. Boil some ghee in another pan with the cassia leaves and powdered pepper, cumin, coriander and turmeric. Then add the curd, sugar and a little hot water. Add the karolas and salt when it boils. Take down when the soup is thick after adding powdered garam-masalla.