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Mix equal weights of sugar and water, and boil. If a little milk is added the impurities will rise to the surface in the form of scum, which is to be removed from time to time, and the syrup will be clear. Take down when the syrup is a bit sticky.

Take the yolks of some eggs in a cup, add powdered garam-masalla, a little saffron and sugar, and beat thoroughly. Put the liquid in a clean thick linen piece with a small round hole in the middle and tie it up into a bag putting a thumb under the hole. Remove the thumb, press the bag with the lingers and allow the liquid to fall in a thin stream on plenty of boiling ghee. Any beautiful design may be made by the proper manipulation of the hand which requires some practice. Take them out as soon as they are fried hard on both sides and put them in the syrup of sugar. They are ready to be served when sufficient syrup is absorbed by them. The whole of the contents of eggs may be used when a little more saffron will be necessary but the food will not be so tasteful as with the yolks only.


Keep some rice flour moistened with water for several hours. Mix it with double its quantity of the contents of