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menced or brought in any of the Courts of Judicature established by Her Majesty's Charter against any person or persons whomsoever, for doing, or causing to be done, any thing in pursuance of this Act, the defendant or defendants in such action may plead the general issue, and give the special matter in evidence; and if upon such action a verdict shall be given for the defendant, or the plaintiff shall become nonsuited, or discontinue his action, then the defendant shall have and recover his full costs, or which he shall have the same remedy as a defendant in any case by Law hath in the said last-mentioned Courts.

XVI. And it is enacted, that all actions, suits, bills, indictments, informations, and other criminal proceedings for any offence which shall be committed against the Act shall be brought, sued, and commenced within twelve calendar months next after such offence committed, or else the same shall be void and of no effect.

XVII. Provided always and it is enacted, that nothing in this Act contained shall affect, alter, or vary any right subsisting at the time of passing this Act, except as herein expressly enacted; and all contracts, agreements, and obligations made and entered into before the passing of this Act, and all remedies relating thereto, shall remain in full force, any thing herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding.


No. 1.

Original Entry of Proprietorship of Copyright of a Book.

Time of making the Entry Title of Book. Name of the Publisher and Place of Publication. Name & Place of abode of the Proprietor of the Copyright. Date of First Publication.

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