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defendant in such action shall not, at the trial or hearing of such action, be allowed to give any evidence that the plaintiff in such action was not the author or first publisher of the book in which he claims such Copyright as aforesaid, or that he was not the proprietor of the Copyright therein, and at such trial or hearing no other objection shall be allowed to be made on behalf of such defendant than the objections stated in such notice, or that any other person was the author or first publisher of such book, or the proprietor of the Copyright therein than the person specified in such notice, or give in evidence in support of his defence any other book than one substantially corresponding in title, time, and place of publication, with the title, time, and place specified in such notice.

IX. And it is hereby enacted, that after the passing of this Act in any such suit or action as last aforesaid brought in any Zillah Court or other local Court as aforesaid the defendant shall state in his answer all such matters as he means to rely on, and which by the last preceding Section the defendant in any suit or action brought in any of the Courts of Judicature established by Her Majesty's Charter is required to give notice of in writing, otherwise such defendant shall be subject to the same consequences for any omission in his answer as a defendant is made subject to by the last preceding Section for any omission in his notice.

X. And it is hereby enacted, that when any publisher or other person shall, within the said Territories, before or at the time of the passing of the Act, but after the passing of the said Act of Parliament, 3 and 4 Wm. 4, c. 85, have projected, conducted, and carried on, or shall hereafter project, conduct, or carry on, or be the proprietor of any Encyclopædia, Review, Magazine, Periodical work, or work published in a series of Books or Parts, or any book whatsoever, and shall have employed or shall employ any persons to compose the same, or any Volumes, Parts, Essays, Articles, or Portions thereof, for publication in, or as part of the same, and such Work, Volumes, Parts, Essays, Articles or Portions shall have been, or shall hereafter be, composed under such employment, on the terms that the Copyright therein shall belong to such Proprietor, Projector, Publisher or Conductor, and paid for by such Proprietor, Projector, Publisher, or Conductor, the