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When I this dawning did admire,
and prais'd the coming day,
I little thought that riſing fire
wou'd take my reſt away.

Your charms in harmleſs childhood lay
as metals in a mine;
Age from no face takes more away
than youth conceal'd in thine:
But as your charms inſenſibly
to their perfection preſs'd;
So love as unperceiv'd did fly,
and center'd in my breaſt.

My paſſion with her beauty grew,
while Cupid, at my heart,
Still as his mother favour'd you,
threw a new flaming dart
Each gloried in her wanton part;
to make a lover, he
Employ'd the utmoſt of his art;
to make a beauty, ſhe.


BEtween Caſhil and Thurliſh,
I met a fair maiden,
As I was a walking
Along the high-way:
I laid her down ſoftly,
In a fine dewy morning,
O! are you diſtracted
Young man ſhe did ſay.