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was intrusted the administration of affairs, I have made the acquaintance of the man of letters from the West.

"I have taken him by the hand in friendship, and I have laughed with him.

"We have met in cheerful converse over the greenstone goblets and dishes ornamented with pearls. Lo, what a wonder is this! After more than a thousand years, China and the world without have made a compact of friendship which is mutual.

"The stranger of whom I sing embraces within the compass of his mind the most opposite sciences: he sounds their depths.

"Moreover, while his spirit is gifted with lofty wisdom, his outer form discovers his genius.

"His aspect recalls the beauty of the tiger and the majesty of the dragon.

"His writings have been long known and esteemed in Europe.

"Interrogate him at your will: he will tell you the theory of celestial and terrestrial motions; he will go to the root and fountain of all things, and will advance nothing without proofs.

"He is able admirably to penetrate the true meaning of our sacred books.

"When he enumerates the deeds of ancient times, it is as if necklaces of pearl fell from his mouth, and the pearls were scattered.

"He explains, O most wonderful thing! all the characters in our dictionaries.

"He handles the pencil like a son of the Flowery Land, and his doctrines do not differ from ours.

"Speak not of pieces of silk mutually offered! my greatest pleasure is to take the goblet of glass and give him to drink!

"These imperfect Verses are offered by Chao-Chan-Lin to M. Callery, in order that he may correct them."