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This page needs to be proofread.

The view of pred. and subj. was perhaps not always the same as ours, cf. Amr, Mu˓all. 1:31.

§ 140. The cir. cl., however, is frequently introduced without and. Ex. 12:11 תּֽאֹכְלוּ אֹתוֹ מָתְנֵיכֶם חֲגֻרִים ye shall eat it with your loins girt. Jer. 30:6 מַדּוּעַ רָאִיתִי כָל־גֶּבֶר יָדָיו עַל־חֲלָעָיו why see I every man with his hands upon his loins? Gen. 12:8 וַוֵּט אָֽהֳלה בֵּית־אֵל מִיָּם he pitched his tent, Bethel' being on the west. 32:12 פֶּן־יָבוֹא וְהִכַּנִי אֵם עַל־בָּנִים lest he come and smite me, mother with children. Deu. 5:4 פָּנִים בְּפָּנִים דִּבֶּר face to face he spoke. Gen. 32:31, Jud. 6:22, Nu. 12:8 mouth to mouth, Jer. 32:4, 1 S. 26:13, Jud. 15:8, Is. 30:33; 59:19.

Especially with shortened expressions. 2 S. 18:14 בְּלֵב אב׳ עוֹדֶנּוּ חַי into the heart of Absalom when still alive. Ex. 22:9, 13 וּמֵת ··· אֵין רֹאֶה and it die, none seeing it, Am. 5:2, and often, as Ex. 21:11 אֵין כֶּסֶף without money. Is. 47:1 throneless, Jer. 2:32 numberless. Hos. 3:4; 7:11. Ps. 88:5. Gen. 43:3, 5.

Rem. 1. It is possible that such phrases as face to face, אַפַּיִם אַרְצָה with face to the ground Gen. 19:1, mouth to mouth and the like, may now be adverbial acc. Originally at any rate they were real propositions, face was to face, faces were groundwards, &c. So Ar. says, I spoke to him hu (nom.) ˒ila fiyya, his mouth (was) to my mouth; but also hu (acc.) ˒ila fiyya, with his mouth to my mouth. Similarly in Gen. 43:3 בִּלְתִּי אֲחִיכֶם אִתְּכֶם, בִּלְתִּי is a conj., not a prep., except your brother be, &c.

§ 141. The subordinate character of the cir. cl. is generally shown by its place after the principal sent. In some cases, however, the concomitant event is placed first, with the effect of greater vividness. Gen. 42:35 רַיְהִי הֵם מְרִיקִים ··· וְהִנֵּה and it was, they were emptying their sacks, and behold, &c., i.e. as they were emptying, behold. 15:17 וַיְהִי הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ בָּֽאָה