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At General Quarters, it was intended that the TAO would direct the surface tactical picture, electronic information flow, employment of surface weapon systems, and ship’s course and speed while monitoring the internal communication nets, and overall watchstanding performance. It was further intended that the "GW" position would monitor and direct the air picture, generate air and surface SITREPS to Gulf Bravo, provide ship’s course and speed recommendations, and air threat warning information to the CO and TAO. (Rogers p.834,   p.818).

(13) (C) USS VINCENNES reported this Battle Organization modification was implemented during the transit from San Diego to Subic Bay, RP, and exercised during MEF training periods in Subic Bay, RP operating areas (9-12 May 1988) and during the JTFME CVBG familiarization training (21-24 May 88). (Rogers p.834,   p.809,  p.788).

(14) (C) Three Rules of Engagement Exercises (ROEX) were conducted by USS VINCENNES during the period 6-20 May 88. These exercises tested USS VINCENNES's interpretation and correct response to current ROE for the Persian Gulf/Middle East Force. (IO Exhibit 166: Encls 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, and 26).

(15) (C) USS VINCENNES chopped to CJTFME on 20 May 1988 and was C1 in areas of Personnel, Supply, Equipment and Training as well as being M1 in AAW, AMW, ASUW, ASW, CCC, ELW and MOB. (IO Exhibit 166: Encl 27).

(16) (C) USS VINCENNES CO, TAO and GW stated in their testimony that USS Vincennes was well prepared for their assignment to the Middle East Force by virtue of their AW (in workup exercises), “GW” experience, and in depth MEF augmenter training. (Rogers p. 835,   p.824,   p.804).

(17) (C) USS VINCENNES conducted Battle Group familiarization training with the CVBG assigned to JTFME in the Gulf of Oman (21-24 May 88) prior to entering the Persian Gulf. Exercises conducted provided training in: WASEX, Silkworm profiles, SUCAP coordination and A/C training. (IO Exhibit 166: Encl 28).

(18) (C) Summary of USS VINCENNES operations since arriving in the Middle East Force:

25 - 27 May 88Task Group Exercise

29 May 88Sitrah anchorage inchop briefings

30 May 88Sitrah anchorage AWACS/LINK interoperability

01 - 08 Jun 88SOHWPA patrol