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the forehead produced like a horn, the antennæ rather

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short and pectinated in the males, and the thighs furnished, near the extremity, with a rounded membranous appendage; a similar expansion is sometimes also found on the tibiæ. The species are among the most remarkable looking of this family, the limbs being very long and slender, and the thorax of such a length and so attenuated that the head and anterior legs appear to have but little connection with the hinder parts. Most of these insects are natives of Asia, the species figured on the adjoining plate is found in many parts of East India, but it is probably by mistake that Drury mentions Philadelphia as producing it. It is a pretty large insect, frequently measuring nearly three inches and a half. Head and thorax yellowish brown, resembling the colour of a withered leaf; the former terminating behind in a conical projection, bifid at the tip, with a slightly dilated membrane on each side; the latter very long and slender, (about half the length of the entire insect,) dilated behind the