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a special edition of this book, containing innumerable line drawings and several colored plates, which is a favorite with collectors.


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From "Right Royal"


Enslaved and Other Poems, published in 1920, contains some of Masefield's most admired verse. Enslaved tells a romantic tale beginning—

All early in the April when daylight comes at five

I went into the garden most glad to be alive
The thrushes and the black birds were singing in the thorn
The April flowers were singing for the joy of being born

Then a swift turn to tragic events; the courageous lover willingly joining the galley slaves of the Algerian pirates to be near his captured beloved one; his thrilling rescue of her from the Khalif's harem; and their return to England

All early in the Maytime when daylight comes at four

We blessed the hawthorne blossom that welcomed us ashore
O beautiful in this living that passes like the foam
It is to go with sorrow and come with beauty home.

"The Hounds of Hell," that weird story of the saint who fought the powers of darkness; "Cap on Head," another strange