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1912 The Everlasting Mercy and The Widow in the Bye Street. Illustrated edition 1919.
The Story of a Round House (published under title Ballads and Poems in England).
1913 The Daffodil Fields.
Salt Water Ballads. Illustrated edition 1916. Reissued 1926.
A Mainsail Haul.
1914 Tragedy of Pompei the Great.
Philip the King.
1915 John M. Synge (out of print).
The Faithful.
Good Friday and Other Poems.
1916 Sonnets (special edition, autographed; out of print).
Captain Margaret.
The Tragedy of Nan. Illustrated edition 1921.
The Locked Chest and The Sweeps of Ninety-Eight.
Multitude and Solitude.
1917 The Lost Endeavor.
Lollingdown Downs and Other Poems.
1918 Rosas (special limited edition; out of print).
The War and the Future.
Collected Edition of Poems and Plays (two vols., out of print).
1919 Reynard the Fox.
1920 Enslaved.
Right Royal.
1921 King Cole.