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Captain Margaret $2.25
Collected Works. In 4 volumes each 3.00
Dream, The, and Other Poems 1.25
Enslaved and Other Poems 2.00
Esther and Berenice. Two Plays 2.00
Everlasting Mercy, The, and The Widow in the Bye Street 2.00
Faithful, The 2.00
Gallipoli. New Edition 2.50
Good Friday and Other Poems 1.75
King Cole 1.50
King's Daughter, A. A Tragedy in Verse 1.75
Locked Chest, The, and The Sweeps of Ninety-Eight 1.50
Lollingdon Downs and Other Poems 1.75
Lost Endeavor 2.00
Mainsail Haul, A 2.00
Melloney Holtspur or the Pangs of Love 1.50
Multitude and Solitude 2.00
Odtaa 2.50
Old Front Line, The 1.40
On the Spanish Main 2.50
Philip the King and Other Poems 1.75
Reynard the Fox, or the Ghost Heath Run 1.75
Illustrated Edition with new Introduction 5.00
Right Royal 1.75
Illustrated Edition 2.50
Sailor's Garland, A. (Editor) 2.50
Salt Water Poems and Ballads 2.50
Sard Harker 2.50
Sea Life in Nelson's Time 2.50
Selected Poems. (Masefield's Selections) 2.50
Selected Poems. (Edited by Canby, Pierce, and Durham) 1.75
Story of a Round-house, The, and Other Poems 2.00
Taking of Helen, The 1.60
Tragedy of Nan and Other Plays, The. New illustrated Ed. 2.00
Tragedy of Pompei the Great, THE 2.00
Trial of Jesus, The 1.75
War and the Future, The 1.50
Works. Leather Pocket Edition. 8 Volumes. Price per set 12.50
Vol. I. Salt Water Poems and Ballads
Vol. II. The Everlasting Mercy. The Widow in the Bye Street
Vol. III. Dauber. The Daffodil Fields
Vol. IV. Philip the King and Other Poems
Vol. V. Reynard the Fox, or the Ghost Heath Run
Vol. VI. Enslaved and Other Poems
Vol. VII. Right Royal
Vol. VIII. King Cole. The Dream and Other Poems