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This bibliography is a direct outgrowth of my earlier, privately printed "Select Bibliography of H. P. Lovecraft." It contains most of the information which was not included in that original checklist—a complete list of the short stories, all the anthologies, additional title and other pertinent items of interest. Also, many of the annotations which appeared in the earlier checklist have herein been revised and enlarged.

I am immensely indebted to August Derleth for his enthusiastic and wholehearted assistance. He has supplied me with much vital information which it would have been virtually impossible for me to obtain unaided. While busy with his own work, he took time out to read the original manuscript of the bibliography and to point out important corrections and additions.

Also, I wish to extend wholehearted thanks to Miss Marion E. Brown, In Charge, Special Collections, Brown University Library, for her kindness in listing and describing various Lovecraft items at Brown which are under her care. Without her generous contributions of both patience and time, most of these items would probably have remained inaccessible to me …

I am solely responsible, however, for any errors which may come to light.

J. P. B.