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THE WEIRD SHADOW OVER INNSMOUTH AND OTHER STORIES OF THE SUPERNATURAL. Bartholomew House, N. Y., 1944. 190 p. o. p. The Shadow Over Innsmouth, The Festival, He, The Outsider and The Whisperer in Darkness.

MARGINALIA. Arkham House, 1944. 377 p. illus. o. p. Sixteen miscellaneous essays, sketches and early stories, a ghost-written story and three revisions, plus biographical memoirs, appreciations and memorial verses by various authors. Among the essays and early stories: Notes on the Writing of Weird Fiction, Some Notes on Interplanetary Fiction, Lord Dunsany and His Work, Heritage or Modernish: Common Sense in Art Forms, The Beast in the Cave, The Thing in the Moonlight.

The ghost-written story: Imprisoned with the Pharaohs (as by Houdini).

The memoirs: His Own Most Fantastic Creation, by Winfield Townley Scott; Some Random Memories of H. P. L., by Frank Belknap Long: H. P. Lovecraft: An Appreciation, by T. O. Mabbott; The Wind That Is in the Grass: A Memoir of H. P. Lovecraft in Florida, by R. H. Barlow; Lovecraft and Science, by Kenneth Sterling; Lovecraft as a Formative Influence, by August Derleth; The Dweller in Darkness, by Donald Wandrei.

SUPERNATURAL HORROR IN LITERATURE. With an introduction by August Derleth. Ben Abramson, N. Y., 1945. 106 p. Lovecraft's famous essay on weird writing. The background and evolution of the horror tale—a "must" for anyone seriously interested in the genre. The only indexed version.