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158 Journal of A merican Folk-Lore.


1. American Anthropologist. (Washington.) Vol. II. No. 1, January- March, 1900. The lessons of folk-lore. J. W. Powell. — Mayan time systems and time symbols. C. Thomas. — Linguistic families of Mexico. O. T. Mason.

— Oriental influences in Mexico. W. Hough. — The study of primitive music. C. K. Wead. — The new-fire ceremony in Walpi. J. W. Fewkes. — The Toara ceremony of the Dippil tribes of Queensland. R. H. Mathews. — The lords of the night and the Tonalamatl of the Codex Borbonicus. C. P. Bowditch. — Book reviews. — Periodical literature. — Notes and news.

2. The American Antiquarian. (Chicago.) Vol. XXII. No. r, January- February, 1900. In Memoriam of Dr. D. G. Brinton. A. F. Chamberlain. — No. 2, March-April. The evolution of ethics. C. W. Super. — Anthropological notes. A. F. Chamberlain. — No. 3, May-June. The archaeology of ethical ideas. C. F. Super.

3. The Land of Sunshine. (Los Angeles.) Vol. XII. No. 4, March, 1900. The cities of the dead. Washington Matthews.

4. The Southern Workman. (Hampton, Va.) Vol. XXIX. No. 3, March, 1900. Alabama folk-lore. S. H. Showers.

5. Folk-Lore. (London.) Vol. XL No. I, March, 1900. The legends of Krishna. W. Crooke. — Annual report of the Council. — Presidential address. Totemism and some recent discoveries. E. S. Hartland. — Reviews : works of H. M. Chadwick, The cult of Othin; A. C. Lyall, Asiatic studies; E. Durkheim, L'anne"e sociologique ; H. Balfour, The natural history of the musical bow ; A. Manwaring, Marathi proverbs; T. K. Cheyne and J. S. Black, Encyclopaedia biblica ; J. Mathew, Eaglehawk and crow ; J. Bolte, R. Ktihler Kleinere schriften.

— Correspondence : Alphabet used in consecrating a church. Giants in pageants. Customs relating to iron. The Little Red Hen. — Miscellanea : Dorset folk-lore. Folk-tales from the yEgasan. Medical superstition in Cyprus. Exposition Uni- verselle (Paris) de 1900. — Bibliography. — Rules and list of members.

6. The Journal of the Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ire- land. (London.) Vol. II. Nos. 1 and 2, August-November, 1899. The secret societies of West Africa. A. P. F. Marriott. — Ju-ju laws and customs in the Niger Delta. C. N. de Candi.

7. Journal Asiatique. (Paris.) Vol. XV. No. 1, January-February, 1900. La legende de Sateh Boghra Khan et l'histoire. Grenard.

8. Le Courrier de Livre. (Quebec.) Vol. IV. No. 47, February, 1900. French Canadian songs. R. Renault.

9. Meiusine. (Paris.) Vol. X. No. I, January-February, 1900. L'inspiration verbale. E. Ernault. — Saint Expe"dit. IV. Au tribunal bollandiste. R. Gaidoz. — Contes d'animaux du Lavedan. I. Les aventures du chat et de l'agneau. M. Camelat. — La fascination. J. Tuchmann. — Dictons et pro- verbes bretons. E. Ernault.

10. Revue de l'histoire des religions. (Paris.) Vol. XLI. No. 1, January- February, 1900. Sur le pre"tendu monothe'isme des anciens Chinois. M. Cour- ant. — Notes sur ITslam — Maghribin — les marabouts. E. Dantte.

11. Revue des Traditions Populaires. (Paris.) Vol. XV. No. 1, January. 1900. Traditions populaires des Roumains. X.-XVIII. A. Gorovel. — Tradi- tions et anciennes coutumes du pays messin. A. Benoist. — Les villes englou- ties. XLI. Savoie. L. Jacquot. — Contes et le"gendes arabes. (Continued in Nos. 2, 3.) R. Basset. No. 2, February. Folk-lore de Tahiti et des iles voi-

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