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below the surface; the rapidity of its movements kept our boat's crew in the utmost exertion, for upwards of two miles: but, it had most probably been frightened by some other boat, for, without rising, or allowing us to see it, it swam to a good retreat under a floe of ice. At twelve o'clock, the boats were recalled by a signal; when it was admitted that, had they been provided with gun-harpoons, at least four or five fish would have been captured, as the number of whales that had been seen was unusually great. Captain Scoresby, from the mast-head, counted thirty-two different fish.

June 8. 
Scarcely had I been an hour in bed, when I heard the uproar usual on striking a whale; I arose, and soon saw it killed, and a sucker brought on board. It would be wise, if the fishers agreed among themselves, not to take whales of so small a size, as, if not altogether unprofitable, they scarcely pay the incidental expenses; but, such general forbearance would probably never be consented to, since most masters of ships pride themselves on the number of fish which they take without reference to their size. Two whales were afterwards seen, and boats despatched after them, but a thick fall of snow came on, and prevented our watching their movements. Captain Scoresby, from the mast-head, informed me that one of the largest walruses he had ever seen, was upon a piece of ice not far from the ship; a boat was instantly lowered for me, and, loading my gun with ball, we went in pursuit; but unfortunately it heard us ap-