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1633. Winds. Remarks.
Sept. 13 SE to NEbN and NW. Fair, sun-shiny
14 W, NWbW Some snow
15 W Blowing so hard the sea foamed
16 SW Fair
17 SW Blowing very hard, clear
18 SWbS Rainy
19 W,SE Clear, starlight at night
20 SEbS,SW Sunshiny
21 SW Misty and rainy
22 SW Blowing hard and rainy
23 EbSE Cloudy, with rain and mist
24 SEbS Rainy
25 SEbE Stormy and rainy
26 E.erly Frosty weather
27 NE Fair, at night W Foul weather
28 N,S,SE Violent storm, snow
29 SE Blowing hard, with snow
30 SWbW Rainy, stormy at night
Oct. 1 NE Frosty
2 E Freezing hard
3 E,W Frost and snow
4 S,SW Frosty, fog or rain at night
5 SW Much rain
6 SWbS Blowing hard
7 SWbW Very stormy
8 SWbW, NE, E Very tempestuous
9 N.erly Tempestuous
10 NEbN Blowing strong, excessive cold
11 NE Very cold, snow
12 NE Blowing hard, very cold
13 NE Very cold
14 NE Excessive cold
15 N.erly Weather tolerable
16 N.erly Cold, snow
17 N Blowing hard, frosty
18 N Frosty