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circumference of three feet, an object of real distress. A great number of officers visited the house, and each presented the mother with a few shillings. Here we were informed that Gen. Mifflin was determined to keep the horse in the rear of the infantry, and that we should not go to Bedford that day. This was a great mortification to us all, and Gen. White had some sharp words with him on the subject.

18th. Marched, and forded the Junietta, about —— yards wide, and three feet deep; here the river bends round a point and seems to run three or four miles almost directly back. After a march of seven miles, we were informed that we might proceed on to Bedford; this we did with very great alacrity, and arrived at sundown.

19th. Here we are to stay a few days, and then proceed to Pittsburg: distant one hundred miles. This town is not very pleasantly situated; consists of about eighty or one hundred houses.

[Here the Journal abruptly ends.]

[The following Officers of the New Jersey Brigade of Infantry and Artillery, marched on the Western Expedition to Pittsburg.

Joseph Bloomfield, Brigadier-General.

William Pearson, Brigade-Major.


Colonel, Davenport; Majors, Hunt and *Brooks; Captains, Fithian, Tuft. Lucas, Hammet, Downes, *Beasley, Collins, Johnson; Lieutenants, Davis, B. Westcoat, Bishop, Toy, S. Westcoat; Ensigns, Jenkins, Rose, How, Smith.

StaffSurgeon, Dr. Gibbs; Paymaster, Dougherty; Adjutant, Hollinshead; Quarter-Maters, *Hunn, Wriggens; Qr.-Master Sergeant, *Sayres; Serg't-Major, Fennimore.


Major-Commandant, Kipp; Major, Gould; Captains, Crane, *Minton, Cooper, Brown, Stull, Miller; Lieutenants, Sigier, Conklin, Blanch, Woolley, Marshal, Oliver; Ensigns Zabriskie, Minton, Demarest, Van Arsdale, Stansbury.

Staff.Surgeon, Dr. Chetwood; Mate, Dr. Crane, Paymaster, Johnson; Adjutant, Ballard; Qr.-Master, J. Ogden; Qr.-Master Sergeant, McGennis; Sergeant-Major, Wells.


Colonel, Forman, (Senior Colonel in the Brigade); Major, E. Ogden; Captains, Schenck, Hanlon, Price, Marsh, Beardslee, A. Smith, Brindley, Lloyd, Squire, Meliek. Lieutenants, Stevens, *Marl, *Tavlor, Gillman, Imlay, Outcalt, T. Brown, C. Phillips, Loofbury, Ayres; Ensigns, *Stivers, Asburn, Swallow, Brewer, Hutt; Dildine, Driskey.

Staff.Surgeon, Dr. Whittall; Mate, Dr. Freeman; Adjutant, Lyle; Paymaster, Lawrence; Quarter-Master, Van Pelt, Qr.-Master Sergeant, Payne; Sergeant-Majors, Rodgers, Hummwell.


Colonel, Crane; Major, Ross; Captains, Burnet, B, Smith, Keenon, Boyland, Day; Lieutenunts, Wade, Gulick, Board; Ensigns, *Burrill, Wyckoff, *Stille, Doty, Ray.

Staff.Surgeon, Dr. Morse; Mate, Dr. J. Halsted; Paymaster, R. Thomas; Adjutant, Lyon; Quarter-Master, Hendricks; Qr.-Master Sergeant, Lawrence; Sergeant-Major, Jaques.


Captain Commandant, Elmer; Captain, Cantield; Lieutenants, Herriæan, Stringer, Campbell; Quarter-Master and Adjutant, Clunn; Qr.-Master Sergeants, *Parvin, and Pierson.

William Dayton, Paymester to the New Jersey Line; Samuel Robert Stewart, Brigade Quarter-Master, Aaron Howell, Conductor Military Stores.

Those marked * engaged in the six months service.

☛The march of Major Parrot and Porter with the residue of the Officers and Soldiers in requisition was arrested on the 14th October, 1794, by the Secretary of War, under the order of the President of the United States.—W. A. W.]