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Captain Ford's Journal.

[David Ford was a native of Morristown, N. J., and having in early life lost both parents, he spent his childhood with his paternal grandfather, Jacob Ford. The death of the latter occurred in 1777, but the writer of this sketch is not further informed of the early history of Mr. Ford until 1804, except what is given in the following journal. In 1804, (his brother Nathan having eight years previous made the first American settlement on the St. Lawrence, at Ogdensburgh,) he received of Governeur Morris an agency for settling the township of Hague, (now Morristown, St. Lawrence county, N. Y.,) and removed to that place, where he resided most of the remainder of his life. During the war of 1812–15, he held a Colonel's commission, and at various times was honored with public office. He died at Ogdensburgh, Nov. 6, 1835, aged 75 years. Col. Ford was a man of kind and hospitable manners, and strongly attached to his family and friends. The difficulties of a new settlement had in a measure been alleviated by the energetic and successful efforts of his brother, Nathan Ford, than whom, no man ever more resolutely encountered the difficulties incident to beginning a new colony, remote from the jurisdiction of law and in the midst of active and unscrupulous enemies, in the persons of Canadian traders, squatters and timber thieves. F. H.]

⁂ For other papers referring to this expedition, see "Proceedings of the Society," Vol. III, p. 173, and Vol. VI, p. 113.

6th Sept. 1794. This day received orders from Major Leddle, to march with my troop immediately for New Brunswick. I instantly gave the necessary orders for assembling the troop.

7th. Still busy in preparing for the march.

8th. The same.

9th. The same. Gave order for marching at 7 o'clock next morning.

10th. This morning, agreeable to orders, the troop assembled at Boon-