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cannot separate it spccitieallv from others. Tlie synonymy is much con- fused with ctespitosits, autl somewhat willi trichophi/Uus.

21. JkNGKI.

R. ki/(/ropkilns,.Banire, En. PI. Chin. p. 2 (1831), non Gaudich. Jt. Bumjei, Stend. Nomencl. Bot. 2. 433 (1841).

Occurs only in China. This is without exception the most distinct and the least connected by intermediate forms of all the members of this group ; but as I have seen no other specimens from China, I do not think it safe to keep this as a separate species while so many other diverse forms are combined. When more specimens are examined from China, we shall be in a better position to judge.

R. peclinntus, Dubois, Orl. ed. 2. 1030 (1833). R. aqna- tilis, y. L. (1753). R. peiicedauifoliHS, All. PI. Piedmont, n. 1469 (1785), teste Bert, non Gilib. BatracJuiim panlothrix, S. F. Gray, Nat. Arr. Br. PI. 2. 722 (1821). R. aquatilis, var. dUfnsus, With. Br. PI. vol. iii. p. 682 (1830). R. panto- ^M>,"Bert. Fl. Ital. vol. v. p. 575 (1842). Forms 22-34.

22. c-t;spitosus.

R. cmpiloam, Thuill. Fl. Par. ed. 2. p. 279 (1799), non R. cespitosns. Wall. List. n. 4701 (1828). R. pimilus, Poir. Enc. vol. vi. p. 133 (1804), non Thuill. R. aqnatills, B. hoiiioiophylliis, (3. abrotani.folins, W.ilir. Sched. Crit. 283 (1822). R. Bauhini, /3. /^/-mYm.Tausch.' Flora, xvii. ii. 526 (1834). R. aqnatUh, y. rigidifolins, Kunth, Fl. Berol. vol. i. p. 14 (1838), excl. Synon. Batrachinm aqiialile, y. radicans, Spach, Hist. Nat. Veg. vol. vii. p. 201 (1839). R. aquatilis, 8. snccidentiis, Koch, Syn. Fl. Germ, et Helvet. ed. 2. p. 13 (1843). Fig.— Godr. Essai, f. G; Cosson and Germ. Atl. t. 2. f. 5 ; Rchb. Fl. Germ. 3. 3. " ii!. aqitnt'dis, y. terrestris homophi/Uus' (1838).

Occurs in Sweden, England, Wales, France, Germany, Transylvania Greece, Portugal, India, Columbia, N. America, etc. This is the subter restrial stale of many of the following forms.

R. capillaceiis, Thuill. Fl. Par. 2. ii. p. 279 (1799). Ba- trachium aqnatile, a. tricJiuphyllus, Spach, Hist. Nat. Veg. vol. vii. p. 200 (1839). R. aqnatills, a. pantothrlx, capillaris, llchb. Fl. Germ. 3. 3 (1838). R. //j/drockaris, B. homoiophylhis, capillaceus, Spenn. Fl. Frib. (1829). Forms 23-34.


R. longirostris, Godr. Essai, f. 9 (1839). R. aqnatills, var. {trlcho- phyllns?), George Lawson in Mouogr. Rannncnlacea, Dom. Canada and Br. Amer. Art. ii. p. 42, 1869 (some or all of the localities named).

Occurs exclusively in North America. Canada West, Macoun ! ; Druni- moud ! ; New Mexico ; Lexington, Kentucky, Short ! Peter!; Columbia; St. Louis, Missouri ; California, Bigelow ! A specimen from Saska- tchewan, British North America, collected by E. Bourgeau, probably be- longs to this form. Specimens from Tobacco plain, Kootenay, British Columbia, collected by Dr. Lyall, and from Rock river, Hudson's Bay territory, collected by Burke, are smaller forms, and are even deficient in the long beak on the carpels ; they appear to hold an intermediate posi- tion between longirostris and clrclnalns, and the foliage approaches that of Rlouii. Stamens 12-15, carpels 8-10. In rnnning water.

R. rlgldns, Pers. in Usteri Annal. 14. 38, 39 (1795), non Godr. (1839), nee Roth. R. abrotanifollns, Auct. in Pers. Syn. PI. 2. 106 (1807). Forms 24-27.

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