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vol. i. p. 444 (1798). R. pantolhrix, y. pencedanifolim, De Cand. Syst. Veg. vol. i. p. 236 (1818). BatracJiiumfluviatile, S. F. Gray, Nat. Arr. Brit. PI. vol. ii. p. 722 (1821). B. peucedanifoUum, Diimort. Prodr. Fl. Belg. p. 127 (1827). R. hydrocharis, B homoiophyllus, C peucedani- folius, Spenn. Fl. Frib. (1829). Butrachiuyn flidtans, Fries, Sura. Veg. Scand. i. p. 26 (1846). R. fiidtam, a. JIuviatiUs, et jS. ierrestris, Godr. in Gren. and Godr. Fl. Fr. vol. i. p. 26 (1848). ii!. Bac/iii, Wirtgen, Verb. Pruss. Rhnld. vol. ii. p. 22 (1845). Batrach'mm Bachii, Wirt- gen, 1. c. iii. p. 8 (1846). Fig.— Cosson and Gerra. Atl. t. 2. f. 1, 2 (floie pleno) ; Fl. Dan. t. 376 (?) ; Godr. Essai, f. 8 ; Eng. Bot. Suppl. t. 2870 {^.) ; Rclib. Fl. Gerra. (flore pleno) ; Sturra. Deutscbl. Fl. H. 67 (flore pleno).

Occurs in Denraark, England, Ireland, Belgium, France, Prussia, Switzerland, Bavaria, Hungary, Boheraia, Transylvania, Styria, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Mid-Russia teste Nyraan, Nortb Africa. There are three varieties : a. minor ; flowers of moderate size with 5 petals, aquatic. {R. Bachii, Wirtgen.) yS. maximns ; flowers large, often with more than 5 petals, aquatic, y. terrestris ; subterrestrial. {R. liydro- charis, ~&. homoiophyllus, e. trisectus, Spenn. I.e. R.fiuitans, /3. terredris, Godr. 1. c.) A state approaching Baudotii was raised by seed from the ordinary form of fiuitam by Koch. See R. fiiitans foliis Jiuitantibus, figured in Sturm. 1. c.

Excluded species.

Ranunculus aconitifoUus, L., Visiani in Flora Dalmatica, vol. iii. p. 82 (1850), where it is placed in the section Batrachium, belongs to section Hecatonia of Ranunculus.

R. aquaticus, cotyledonis unibilicato folio, Col. Ecphr. vol. i. p. 315. t. 316 (1616). Linnaeus quoted this plant in uncertain conjunction with his aquatilis. It is Hydrocotyle vulgaris, L.

R. biternatus, Sm. in De Cand. Syst. Veg. (1818). Batrachium biter- natum, J. S. Presl, ' Prirozenosti Rostlin,' vol. i. p. 49 (1823), belongs to section Hecatonia.

Ranunculus fiuviatilis, Bigelow, ' Florula Bostoniensis,' ed. 1. p. 139 (1814) non Web. (1780), is R. multifidus, Pursh, R. Purshii, Richard- son, and belongs to section Hecatonia.

Batrachium sceUratum, Hartman, Skand. Fl. 8th ed. p. 94 (1861), be- longs to section Hecatonia.

Alphabetical Index of Names tcith numerical references to the co-ordinate forms recognized in this paper.

��abrotanifolius, 22, 24-27.

aconitifoUus (excluded).

acutiloba, 12.

affinis, 29.

auoraalus, 8-19.

aquaticus, 8-34, 1-35.

aquatilis, 8-35, 13-19, 8-34,8-19,

20-34, 15. aspergillifolius, 24. Bachii, 35.

��Batrachium, 1-35. Baudotii, 11, 10-11. Bauhini, 22, 25, 27. bipontinum, 25. biternatus (excluded), borealis, 28. brachypus, 25. brevifolius, 19. Bungei, 21. caboraboides, 29.

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