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tlie rootlets thickened. Stem erect, 1-4 inches high, 1-3-flowered, with 2-3 leaves placed closely distichoiisly on each side. Leaves sharply fal- cate, linear-lanceolate, 2-4 inches long, 6-8 lines broad at the base, glaucescent on the outside, narrowed gradually from the middle to an acute point, the edge minutely ciliato- denticulate. Valves of the spathe lanceolate, 1^-2 inches long, very ventricose, reaching up to the base of the limb at the flowering time. Ovary sessile in the spathe. Tube 12-18 lines long. Limb yellow, the outer divisions oblanceolate, 1^ inch long, 5-6 lines broad ; the inner linear 6-8 lines long, spreading or deflexed between the edges of the outer ones. Stigmas with their crest nearly as long and broad as the outer segments.

Hab. Georgia, Steven! Szovits ! Hohenacker ! Iberia, Fischer! AYilhelms ! Gamba ! Armenia, Aucher Eloy, 5345 ! Bourgeau, 247 ! Huet du Pavilion ! etc. Kurdistan, Olgum ! "Capt. Garden ! Afghanistan, Griffith (E. Ind. Co. distr. no. 5903). Beloochistan and Scinde, Stocks ! Oidv found amongst the mountains at a considerable elevation, flower- ing in May and June.

14. X. Aucheri, Baker ; bulbo ovoideo membranaceo-tunicato, caule erecto 6-9-unciali 1-2-floro, foliis 4-6 lorato-lanceolatis deorsura 12-15 lin. latis falcatis margine iutegris infimis caule subeequilongis, spathse valvis 2-3-uncialibus ad basin limbi attingentibus, pedunculo subuullo, tubo biunciali, periantliii liml)0 flavescente, segmentis exterioribus sesqui- uncialibus oblongo-oblanceolatis, interioribus anguste linearibus, triplo brevioribus patulis vel deflexis, stigmatibus cum cristis segmentis ex- terioribus subsequilongis.

Bulb ovoid, 15-18 lines thick, with dark brown membranous coats. Stem erect, 6-9 inches high, 1-2-flowered. Leaves 4-6, like those of alatim in breadth and texture, but proceeding from the stem, 12-15 lines broad at the base, distichous, falcate, narrowed gradually from the middle to an acute point, the edge not at all denticulate, the lowest 6-9 inches long. Valves of the spathe lanceolate, scariose, reaching the base of the limb at the flowering time. Ovary sessile. Tube about 2 inches long. Limb yellow ; the outer divisions about 18 lines long in the wild specimens, oblanceolate-oblong, 5-6 lines broad ; inner divisions linear, about half an inch long, spreading between the outer ones as in the other species. Stigmas with the crest as long as the outer divisions, 4-5 lines broad at the base of the limb.

Hab. Syria, Aucher-Eloy, 2137 !

I have seen only three dried specimens of this ; but it seems a very well-marked plant, combining the habit and flower of caucasicum with the leaves of alatum.


Vegetable Broom-materials. — As supplementary to Prof. Dyer's notes (p. 51) the stalks oF the common garden Cress {Lepidium sativum) may be added. In Russia they are used for this purpose, and a small broom brought home by Dr. Hooker on his return from Russia is now in the Museum at Kew. The stalks are stiff and strong ; and judging from the above specimen, they appear quite suitable for broom making. The stems of Tamarix (jallica have also been used for a similar purpose.

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