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curious to find it exactly in tlie same heterogeneous position, as it is about Eno;lish towns, e. g. London, Brighton, etc. ; about Continental cities, e.g. Paris, Florence, Rome ; there also it is a stranger still, but a stranger with recognized rights, and a quarter of its own.

Allium, ohraceum, L. (p. 332.) — Add province 9. In a field at Plum- ley, by Peover Eye Brook. Several hundred plants annually.

Blysmus rufus. Link. (p. 359.) — As Lancashire seems the most southern record hitherto for this, it is worth adding Chester to bring the species to a lower comital point south. It grows near the Shotwick rifle-butts, at a spot called " Sealaiids," near Chester.

Polygala eu-vnUjarls. (p. 488. "t — Add province 9 ; it grows by Peover Eye Brook, Holford, Chester, — P. depressa, Wend, being much the com- moner local form, found, among many other places, in Tabley Park and Lower Peover Heath.

Ulex eu-nani(s, Syme. (p. 497.) — I have gathered specimens near Lower Peover Heath, Chester, which I cannot distinguish from the typical form of Middlesex and Surrey heaths; but even at Lower Peover, as over nearly all Chester, U. Gallii, Planch., is the common form.

Anthjllis Billenii, Schultz. (p. 497.) — Province 2, Sussex. Brighton racecourse.

Coroniila varia, L. (p. 499.) — Province 1. I found it in a wood above Dr. Freeman's house, at Soraerleaze, near Wells. There was not much of it, and its presence there was no doubt accidental and casual. I put this on record as this species seems to be now in this country beginning to establish itself.

Epilobium eu-tetragoninn^ E. B. (p. 512.) — The northern limit may be extended to province 9, but I have only got one specimen from a lane in Lower Peover. I gathered this as evidently not " obscurum ;" and sub- mitted it to Dr. Boswell Syme, who named it " eu-letragonuni." But 'E. obsciirmn, Schreb., is the prevalent form in the district round Knuts- ford, and I believe in Cheshire.

Saxifraga umbrosa, L. (p. 517.) — It is perhaps worth. notice that, from being evidently planted there a few years back, this has spread so much in many places in the pleasure-ground at Tabley, Knutsford, Chester, that any enthusiastic young botanist might hail it as a native there.

Jster Novi-Belgii, L. (p. 583), has maintained itself for many years in a plausible-looking corner of Tabley Lower Water; but has evidently blown or floated across some two hundred yards of lake-water, where there is, and has been from very old times, a herb-garden.

Ambrosia maritima, L. (not entered.) — Alien, casual; a single plant, in a clover-field in Plumley, near Northwich, Cheshire. I could, however, find no other aliens in the field to indicate whence this curious stray had reached us; but probably the clover-seed was Italian; the field was a lonely one, and removed from any horticultural influence.

Veronica ]H-regrina, L. (p. 540.) — Knutsford racecourse; evidently a casual. Only a plant or two for a couple of years. Not far from it Lfpi- diiim Braba, Medicago maculata, and C. Bo7U(s-He)iricus have maintained themselves many years. Still there, 1870.

Bartsia serotina, E. B. 3 (p. 540.) — The Bartsia round Knutsford seems to me, who have studied both plants growing, sufliciently distinct as a " form " from the Bartsia of the cornfields round Brighton. I used to call the Cheshire plant "serotina,'" the Brighton one " ternu ;" but

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