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L. nm/:Jio(ern, Leiglit. in litt. sp. n. On gneissic stones of walls in liilly tracts. Rare and local at Hill of Ardo, near Aberdeen (Crombie, August, 1870). The tlialUis is like that of PUopJioroi) fhida, and the apothecia are partly innate, prominent and clustered. The spores are not unlike those of i. Inpickhi, but the character of the thallus and the brown hypothecimu keep them distinct.

  • L. siib-Kochicnia, Nyl. in Flora, 1869, p. 8.5. On schistose rocks in

snbalpine and maritime regions. Perhaps not unfrerpient, as on Cader Idris (Leighton, 1864), and on the coast of Kincardineshire (('rombie, 1865), thongh not distinguislied till Nylander's description, as above.

L. ni[/ro-g1oinerata, Leight. in litt. sp. n. On quartzose stones in bare alpine places. Very rare on summit of Ben-y-gloe, Blair .\thole (Crombie, August, 1870). Externally it has a general resemblance to L. rJidncens, but is sufficiently distingnished by the squamnlose dispersed thallus, the colourless hypothecinm, and the apothecia internally colourless.

L. triphagmia, Nyl. Prod. 141. On shady rocks in snbalpine tracts. Rare and local, having as yet been detected only very sparingly on Morrone, Braemar (Crombie). The usual and typical corticole state may also be expected to occur in the Highlands.

L. hndocUneUa, Nyl. in litt. sp. n. On rocks in snbalpine regions. Apparently local, having been found only on Lythe Hill, Salop (Leighton). It is described in Mudd's ' Manual' as a var. of L. verrucidosa, under the name of L. spuria, Scha.'r, and as such is also issued by Leighton, Exs. 189, from which, however, it is readily distinguished by the ick'de hypo- thecinm.

L. hntlcnlnrh, var. Gagn (Hook. Br. El. iii. \11) = Lichen dolosi/s, E. B. 2,581. On slate rocks in snbalpine tracts. Apparently rare and local in S.W. Ireland. An authentic specimen, vianu Sir W. Hooker, occurs in Herb. Brit. Mus., from the O'Donoghue's Prison, Killarney (Sir T. Gage). It is evidently to be regarded as a subspecies of L. lenticiilnris, from which it is distinguished chiefly by the determinate rusty- brown thallus, in small circular patches, and the minute dark-brown apo- thecia with paler evanescent margin. The 'Lichen Gngei of E. B. 2580, is, according to authentic specimens from Tayl. in Herb. Brit. Mus., only a young state of Breomgces anomalns, Tayl., as in my Enum. p. 65.

'Gigphis hdjgrinlhica, Ach. Syn. 107. On the trunks of trees in snb- alpine regions. Rai'e and local in S.W. of Ireland, where it was formerly gathered about Killarney by Sir T. Gage. This is a most interesting species, belonging to a genus essentially tropical, though in recent years it does not appear to have been again gathered in the above locality.

Verrncoria fnsco-argiUacett, Anzi. Langob. 368. On moist calcareous boulders in mountainous tracts. Rare, and as yet gathered only sparingly on ('raig Tulloch and at base of Ben-y-gloe, in Blair Atholc (Crombie).

V. Ilenschelittna, Krb. S. C. G. 336. On schistose rocks in moun- tainous tracts. Apparently local, as on Ben Voirlieh (Dr. Stirton) and Craig Tulloch (Crombie), but may be expected to occur elsewhere amongst the Grampians.

Melanotheca dijfnsa, Leight. in litt. sj). n. On the smooth bark of trees in mountainous tracts. Apparently rare and local, having as yet been found only on Nant Gwynant, Snovvdon (Leighton, 1865).

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