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rearrangement of the European species of the families Ranimcidaceae, Ber- beridece, NymphcBacecB, Fupuveracece, FuMciriucece, PolygoncfS, GraminecB and Cyperacea;. In the naming, arranging, and hiving into the General Herbarium of the extensive collections of Oriental plants made by Pro- fessor Haussknecht ; of a collection of plants formed by Mr. Lounes in Palestine ; of a portion of the collections made in Abyssinia by Dr. Schimper; of the collection of plants from Formosa, made by Mr. Oldham ; of a series of plants from Madeira, collected by Masson and others, from the Herbarium of the late N. B. Ward ; of a large collection from South Africa, formed by Harvey, Zeyher, and others, also from the Herbarium of the late N. B. Ward ; and of an extensive series of ferns from the Islands of the Pacific Ocean, made by several collectors. In the rearrangement in the British Herbarium of the families Salic'mea, Lem- nacecB, 'Juncacece, GraminecB and Lichenes. In the naming and rearrange- ment of the fossil CycadetB and Lycopodiacece in the first Exhibition Koom. And in rearranging and relabelling the Gymnosperaious fruits and stems in the second Exhibition Hoom.

The following are the principal additions made to the collections of the Department during the year 1870 : —

I. — To the Herbanum.

General Herbarium.


07 Species of plants from the Island of Banka in the IMalay Archi- pelago ; presented by Dr. Schiffer. 663 „ „ from Formosa, forming the Herbarium of the

late Mr. Oldham. 20 „ „ from China; collected by Mr. W. G. Stronach ;

presented by D. Hanbury, Esq. 2625 „ „ from the countries bordering the Levant; col-

lected by Pi'ofessor Haussknecht. 444 „ „ from Martinique ; collected by M. Hahn.

216 „ „ from various countries; collected by Dr. Seemann.

100 „ „ from old Calabar ; collected by Mr. Kobie.

20 ,, „ from Seychelles; collected and presented by Pro-

fessor E. Perceval Wright. 50 Species of critical Belgian plants, being fasc. 8 of Professor Van Heurck's ' Plantes rares ou critiques de Bel- gique.' 165 Species of plants from the Engadine ; collected by J. L. Krattli. 200 „ plants from Sicily, forming fasc. 9 and 10 of Todaro's

' Flora Sicula.' 100 ,, European plants, fonning No. 13 of Wirtgen's 'Her-

barium Rhenarmm.' 375 „ plants from the Tyrol ; collected by Rupert Iluter.

Ifi5 ,, Graminece, forming Baenitz's ' Graminers.'

175 ,, /«?«cr/c^<s, forming Baenitz's ' </if/«cac<?<?.'

160 ,, plants from tiie Ionian Islands.

200 ,, European plants, forming cent. 11 and 12 of Sclniltz's

' Herbarium Normale.'

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