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when the Cabbages are grown and taken away, spreading what remains over the hind. At the time of our visit, late in August, the corn was reaped, and these Cabbage 'pies' stood conspicuously exposed. Of course the plan of proceeding abstracts a good piece of the held from its proper crop, and it is looked upon by the rising geuei-ation as old- fashioned and unprofitable.

Sinapis a?'vensis. Common.

S. alba. Once seen on a rubbish-heap at Llandewednack.

8. nigra. Everywhere common by roadsides and in cultivated fields.

Raphanus Raphanistrum. Frequent.

R. vmriiimus. In many places near the shore round the Serpentine from Kynance to Cadgwith.

Reseda luteola. Everywhere common on earthy banks, and as a weed in cultivated fields.

R. Ititea. Not seen.

R. siiffruticulosa. One plant on the shore of Fahnouth Harbour, near the pier.

Helianthemum, The genus seems to be entirely absent from the county, and is not known about Plymouth.

Viola palustris and V. odorata. Neither seen.

V. hirla. On the Serpentine at Kynance Cove, and in the Devonian tract in hedges about Durgan.

V. sylvatica. Frequent. Var. Reichenbachiana seen in the granite tract west of Penryn.

r. caitina. All over the Serpentine downs of Goonhilly and Pradan- nack, the ovate-leaved typical form passing into lanceolate-leaved luclea.

V. tricolor, var. arveusls. Frequent, but the large purple-tlowered form never seen.

Drosera. None seen.

Foil/gala vulgaris. Frequent.

Elalbie hexaadra. Shore of Carminho Creek, near Uelston, sptu'ingly.

Silene injlata. Frequent.

S. maritima. Everywhere abundant on the seabanks.

S. auglica. A common cornfield weed.

Lychnis Flos-cuculi. Unfrequent.

L. diuriia. Common. A form seen with laeiniated petals.

L. vesperlina. Not unfrequent, ruuning into the last.

L, Gilhago. A rare weed.

Saylna apelala. Conunon.

S. cdiata. Frequent on the sandy s(;abauks about the Lizard.

S. procmnbens. Commou.

S. subulula. All round the coast on the Serpentine from MuUion to Poltesco.

<S. nodosa. Frequent on the Serpentine Downs, especially Goonhilly.

Spergida arvensis. Common.

llonckeneja peploides. Sandy shore of Carminho creek.

Spergalaria rupeslris. Everywhere abundant on rocks and walls near the sea. Neither neylecta nor marginala anywhere seen.

S. rubra. Not unfrequent in sandy soil.

Arenaria serpglUfoUa, Frequent, including var. leploclados.

A. veriia. Amongst rocks along the Serpentine, near the coast from MuUion southward to the Lizard.

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