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P. LAPATHIFOLIUM, L. Sp. Plant, ed. 1. vol. i. p. 360.

Peduncles and perianths with yellowish glands ; styles 2, free

nearly to the base. P. pensylvanicum, Huds. ed. 1. p. 148; Curt. Fl. Lond. fasc. 1 ;

With. ed. 2. vol. i. p. 411 (non Linn.). P. pallidum, With. ed. 3. vol. ii. p. 381. Subsp. 1. lapathifolium veriim.

Racemes remote ; perianths shorter than the nut.

Persicaria mills major fol. palUdioribus, Bobarli, Ray, Syn. ed. 2.

p. 58. P. lapalJiifolia, Gray, Nat. Ait. vol. ii. p. 269. Polygonum lapathifolium, L., Bab. Man, ed. 5 and 6. P. lapathifolium, var. a. genuinum, Syme, E. B. vol. viii. p. 76. ' Fig. Curt. Fl. Lond. fasc. 1 ; E. B. 1382, repr. in Syme, E. B.

vol. viii. t. 739. Exs. Herb. Fl. Ingrie. cent. iv. n. 540 and 5406. Loc. Frequent. (China, Sir G. Staunton, Herb. Mus. Brit.) Var. f3. rubrum, Gray, Nat. Arr. vol. ii. p. 270. — Perianths red. P. pensylvaiiicnm, var. caule et flor. rubris. Curt. 1. c. Sunniughill, Berks. (Herb. Banks), N. Loudon, S.Kensington. Subsp. 2. maculatum (^Persicaria maculata, Gray).

Racemes approximated, forming a thyrsus ; perianths larger than the nut, which is half the size of that of subsp. 1. Stem often spotted and swollen at the nodes. Persicaria latifolia, geniculata, cauUbus maculatis, D. Rand ; R.

Syn. ed. 3. p. 145. P. foliis Salicis alhce vulg. et P. mitis maculosa repeus subtus incanis ad genicula Jlorens, Buddie, Herb. (Herb. Sloane cxvii.) fol. 20. Polygonum pensylvanicum, var. caule maculato. Curt. 1. c. P. pensylvanicum, var. 3, petecticale, Stokes in With. ed. 2. vol. i.

p. 412. Persicaria maculata, Gray, 1. c. p. 270. Polygonum tiodosum, Reich. Ic. Bot. 589; Bab. Man. ed. 5 and

6, Fl. Midd. p. 243, and Auct. plur. (non Pers.) P. laxum, Bab. in E. B. S. 2822 and Man. ed. 1-4 (non Reich.). P. lapathifolium, var. /3. nodosum, Bab. Man. ed. 1-4 ; Syme, E. B. vol. viii. p. 76; Hook. Stud. Fl. p. 308. Var. a. gracile. Racemes slender.

Fig. Reich. Ic. Bot. 689 ; E. B. Supp. 2822 (left-hand fig.). Exs. Reich. Fl. Germ. Exs. n. 479 ; Billot, Fl. Gall, et Germ. Exs. 1062 ("P. lapathifolium., L.," peduncles sub-eglan- dulose),and 1062 bis; Herb. FL Ingric. n. 539. Loc. North London. Sunninghill, Berks. (Herb. Banks), Henfield, Sussex (Herb. Borrer), Woodford, Essex (Herb. Forst.), Monmouth (Bab.), Aix-en-Savoie (Herb. Gay), Chalons-sur-Seine (Billot, Exs.), Dresden (Reich. Exs.),

different (Indian ?) species. The figure quoted by Linn, is Lob. Ic. 315, a very fair representation of P. maculatum {P. nodosum, auct.). That he confounded this and P. Persicaria is obvious, from his describing the latter as " floribus digy- nis," thus reversing the characters of the plants as now understood. It is, how- ever, most undesirable to alter these long-established names.

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