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1843. mimtus, Doll. Eeinisch. Fl. 550, non Gay. — Europe.

1844. ololeucos, Lloyd Fl. Loir. 3. — France.

1845. Bachii, Wirtg-en in Verh. Nat. Pruss. Rhnld. 2. 22.— Germany.

1846. confervoides, Fr. Sum. Yeg. Scand. 1. 139. — Lapland and Finland. 1846. intermediHs, Knaf in Flora, xxix. i. 289. — Boliemia.

1848. Drouetii, Schultz teste Godr. in Gren. and Godr. Fl. Fr. i. 24.—

France. 1848. bipoHtinnm, Schultz in Gren. and Godr. Fl. Fr. i. 24. — France. 1848. villosum, Schultz in Gren. and Godr. Fl. Fr. i. 24. — France. 1848. confusus, Godr. in Gren. and Godr. Fl. Fr. i. 22. — France. 1848. Rionii, Lagg. in Flora, xxxi. i. 49, 50. — Switzerland. 1850. Godronii, Gren. in Schultz Archiv. 169, 172 (nom. sol.).— France. 1852-3. setig'^rum, Fr. Bot. Utfl. •ex Hartman. — Scandinavia.

1853. radiom. Revel in Act. Soc. Linn. Bord. xix. 122. — France.

1854. hypotricJms, Turcz. in Bull. Mosc. 1854, part ii. 275.— Con-


1855. floribimdus, Bab. in Ann. Nat. Hist. ser. 2, vol. xvi. p. 397. —


1856. trinacriiis, E. and A. Huet du Pavilion in PI. Sic. n. 1. — Sicily.

1856. sphcerospermus, Boiss. et Blanche in Boiss. Diagn. ser. ii. n. 5.

p. 6. — Syria.

1857. rMpiphyllns, Bast in Boreau, Fl. Cent. Fr. ed. iii. vol. 2, p. 11. —

Angers, France. 1859. lutulentus, Song, et Perr. in Not. PI. Sav. — Savoy. 1861. Koch'd, Beurl. in Hartm. Skand. Fl. 8th ed. p. 95.— Srandinavia. 1861. Friesii, Beurl. in Hartm. Skand. Fl. 8th ed. p. 95, non Hartm. —

Scandinavia. 1863. penidUatum, Dumort. Monogr. Batr. p. 12. — France and Belgium. 1863. truncatmn, Dumort. Monogr. Batr. p. 11. — Flanders. 1863. aspergillifolium, Dumort. Monogr. Batr. p. 14.— Flanders. 1863. salsuginosum, Dumort. Monogr. Batr. p. 14, non Pall. — Ostend. 1867. psendojluitans, Bab. Br. Bot. 6th ed. p. 7.— Britain. 1869. stenopetalns, Syme, Rep. Lond. Exch. Club, 1869, p. 7, non Hook.

— Britain. 1869. elongatus, F. Schultz in Billotia, vol. i. cent. 38-40. p. 113.— E.


[To be continued.')


Nepenthes. — Dr. Hooker has contributed to a recent number of 'Na- ture' the following summary of the distribution of the species of Nepenthes, which genus he has been monographing for the forthcoming volume of De Candolle's ' Prodromus.'— The genus Nepenthes extends from Mada- gascar on the west to N.E. Australia, the Louisiade Archipelago, and New Caledonia on the east ; embracing within these limits thirty species, most of which have well-marked characters in the pitcher, but which, wilh only two exceptions, present a wonderful uniformity in the structure of both flower and fruit. It has two foci of maximum development ; the Malay Peninsula (including Sumatra), and Borneo, in Loth of which localities the species are not only more numerous, but more gigantic than in any other

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