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Helvet. ed. 2. p. 13 (1843). Forms 9-12.— Fig.— Cosson and Germ. Atl. t. 1. f. 5, 6.

R. Petiveri, a. minor, Koch, 1. c. H. Petiveri, Koch in Sturm. Deutschl. Fl. llf. 82 tig. (1840). Forms 9-11.


R. ololeiicos, Lloyd, Fl. Lorr. p. 3 (1844). PatracJdum ololencos, Van den Bosch, Fl. Bat. Prodr. 6 (1850).

Occurs in Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal (teste Machado), Holland (in Fl. Bat. Prodr. p. fi). A Portuguese specimen (Welwitsch ! Fl. Lusit. Exs. 906, 600U ft. alt.) probably belongs to this form.

Intermediate between tripartltm (tlian which the flowers are larger)

and co)ifusus. The only good character to distinguish it is the absence

of the yellow colour from the base of the petals. The stipules are wide,

spreading, and very shortly adnate to the petioles, and the carpels are

glabrous. It has not yet been noticed in Britain, but ought to be looked for.

Batrachium oblusijtoriim, S. F. Gray (1821). R. tripar-

tilus, j3. ohtitfiijlorns, Ue Cand. (1818). R. BnudotU, Syme

in Sowerl). Eng. Bot. ed. 3. p. 24 (1863). Forms 10, 11.

A state with quite glabrous receptacle Avas notieed near St. Petersburg by Kuprecht, which he called var, psilocarpa, ■ Fl. Ingr. p. 22 (1860).


R. tripartilus, Nolte Novit. Fl. Holsat. p. 51 (1828). R. co?if/tsn/i, Godr. in Gren. aiul Godr. Fl. Fr. vol. i. p. 22 (1848). Batruchnnii confiitiKm, F. Schultz. R. Kochii, Beurl. Bot. Not. 1852, p. 156. R. Banchtii, y8. confusus, Syme in Sowerb. Eng. Bot. ed. 3. p. 25. t. 23 (1863). Batrachium tripartitum, Schur, En. PL Transsilv. 12 (1866). — Fig.— FL Dan. t. 1993.

Occurs in Sweden, Denmark, Scotland (teste Syme), England, Wales, France, Germany, Holstein, Sleswig, Switzerland, Sicily (Parlatore !), Algeria (?). Portions without floating leaves resemble sahii(jinosi(s or trichophyUns. Slates with large flowers approach R. peltatHS, Schrank ; other states in brackish water cannot be separated from Batidutii.

11. Baudotii.

R. Baudutii, Godr. Essai, f. 4 (1839); Eng. Bot. Suppl. t. 2966. Batrachium Baudotii, Van den Boseh, Fl. Batav. Prodr. p. 7 (1850). R. Baudotii, a. vidgarin, Syme in Sowb. Eng. Bot. ecL 3. p. 25 (1863).

Occurs in Scandinavia (?), Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland (teste Moore and More), France, HoHand, Prussia, Spain, Portugal (teste Machado), Algeria. I have a state between this and R. pellatus, Schrank., from Northumberland. This plant when it is deprived of its floating leaves resembles or becomes mariuus. In England, Jit least, Baudotii is marine or found only m brackish water.


R. triphi/llos, Wallr. in Linna>a, vol. xiv. p. 584 (1840). R. Petiveri, (3. major, Koch, Syn. Fl. Germ, et llclvet. ed. ii. p. 13 (1843). R. he- terophyllus. Pries (part) (1845). Batrachium hcteruphijllum. Fries (part) (U46). R. aqiiatilis, var. 8. tripartitus, Koch in Sturm. Deutschl. Fl. H. p. 67. f. (Ib35). R. Friesii, lieurl. J5otan. Notis. 1852, p. 156, non Hartm.

[Ekratum. — In tlie flironological list, p. 48, insert, — 18()5. lutcoluiii, Uevel, llccli. Bot. Sud-ouest P^'aiice. — La Teste, S.W. France.]

(21* be uontiiiued.)

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