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brought from Arracan, in the late war. 295

officers and soldiers turned away their minds, and many men of Pi shook off their allegiance. The supreme king gave to his brother Addnin the place where he resides, and to his other brothers, their residences, Yanchesi, Calhat, Talvi, and Labhd, four towns, to receive the revenue thereof; to the ministers Dajamarah and Adaciia, the raja had given Kolya. These two were ministers of the right side, they had been guilty of beating, imprisoning and other cruelty and extortion to the citizens and country people and the people were ruined " Then follows the translation as below, but Ketuvati appears to be the Pali name of the town Pugahu, not the province in which it it placed : it is spelt Ketumati (the possessed of the royal banner) in the former Ramri inscription printed in the Journal, vol. III. p. 209. — Ed.]


"At a propitious moment when the constellation Nekhat* was in the ascendant, on Tuesday the third day of the waning of the moon Tagoo (April) the four divisions of royal troops, consisting of elephan- teers, infantry, horsemen and charioteers, marched out of the city of Pagahm in the district of Gaytoowuddee, and arrived in the country of Threehenthawuddee f Pegu J in fifteen days, when a camp was formed.

Then the king of Pegu, collected his grand royal army, and having set it in order, he marched to meet the enemy, and give battle, but being apprehensive of defeat, he dispatched a letter to the king of Mautamma (Martaban) calling upon him for aid. The king of Martaban there- upon collected his nobles, generals, and all his bold and courageous soldiers, and marched to his assistance. When he arrived in the king- dom of Pegu, he mounted the elephant Air aw on, and attacked the armies of Pagahm with such firmness and resolution, that it was impossible for them to withstand the shock, and they were completely routed.

The king of Martaban with his nobles, generals and victorious army returning were met by the king of Pegu, mounted upon the elephant Vopantatha, and surrounded by the chiefs, and the variously armed divisions of his royal forces. The king of Martaban distrusting him of Pegu, and seeing himself surrounded by his army, began to tremble for

  • The word nekhat (nakshatra) signifies lunar mansion ; there is therefore some

mistake here. The words are didi nekhat, which may be tritiya nakshatra, while the 3rd mansion was rising, to denote the hour of the day.— Ed.

t Uposatha, the name of a fabulous elephant of supernatural strength, the other animal is called airdvati, the name of Indra's elephant.