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Legend of Feringham.

but that since he himself and his children could not go thither to worship, it would be expedient by penance to bring Ski Rangha down to earth, which thought he unfolded to Vasishta. The latter was rejoiced and taught him the eight-lettered charm. The gods sent Man math a to destroy the penance of Ikshvaku, who wounded the latter with one of his arrows, but Ikshvaku was firm, and prevailed. Indra came down to disturb his penance ; but Ikshvaku by meditating on Sri Rangha brought down the flaming Chakra of Vishnu, at the sight of which Indra fled ; and Ikshvaku ascribing the praise to Sri Rangha conti- nued his penance. Sri Rangha now tells Brahma, that he will go down to Ayodhya, and stay there during four yugas> and afterwards remain between both banks of the Cdveri during seven Manwanteras, and again return to be in time for Brahma's midday worship : and sub- sequently go to earth and return again perpetually ; but that while absent no evil shall happen to Brahma. In consequence Brahma put the Vimdna on Garitda, and brought it down to earth, where he taught Ikshvaku all the needful ceremonies to be observed in its wor- ship.

8. The Vimdna was placed in the centre of a river at Ayodhya, where a temple was built for it, and all accompaniments provided. The race of Ikshvaku worshipped during a mahd yuga> or great age. At that time a Chola rdja named D'herma Brahma, went thither to a sacrifice, and inquired of the rishis the circumstances attending the transit of the Vimdna from heaven to earth. He professed a desire to do penance in order to obtain the image ; but the rishis told him it would be useless ; explaining to him, that they knew the town of his ancestors, to which Sri Rangha was due west only a mile or two, had been destroyed by Siva, because one of his progenitors had trampled on the flower-garden of a muni there ; that Vishnu would soon be incarnate as Rama, who would give the Vimdna, or shrine, into the hands of Vibhushana (younger brother of Havana), who would place it at Sri Rangha. A defiance of chronology is here involved in making the destruction of Uriyur anterior to the expedition of Rama. Rama being come made an Asvameuha ydgam (horse sacrifice) to which D'herma Brahma went, and before the other assembled kings were dismissed he asked leave to return home; Vibhushana followed, bringing the shrine by permission of Rama, which he placed between both banks of the Cdveri with the mention of which the 8th Adhydya concludes.

9. D'herma Brahma detained Vibhushana from going to Lanka for the space of 15 days; during which time a festival of 10 days was celebrated in honour of the image. At the end of the 15 days Vibhu-