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Account of the kings of Delhi.

5. — Delhi Maharajakal kaifeyat, or an account of the kings of Delhi.

Palm-leaf Manuscript, No. 233. Countermark 79.

When Vikrama'ditya (to whom is given a profusion of titles) reigned, D'herma raja had left the earth at the end of the Dwapnra i/uga ; he left Pa rikshit ruling down to C. Y. 126, Janamejeya 77 years ; Sivaka maharaja 80 ; Ra jendra 45 ; Sarangadaran, with whom the Chandra vamsa ended. Then follows Purura Mantatha 83 years. Next Mathipala maharaja ruled 25 years. Logitha maharaja 53; Gangadhara 56; Vama Deva 53; Trinetra 56; Partiba Vijaya 72 ; Purinatha 53 ; Pushpa Gandra 58; Athi- yaray£r 58; Padma Gandra 49; Utrija Raghava 54; Aiven- thi 54; Bauvuma 55; Sudra Cartica 65; Asagaya Sura Vikra- ma'ditya 2000 years; in all 3179 years. Saliva'hana 70 years; Vimala Kethana 58. Bhoja raja, conquered the north, and ruled Over the south. Kanaka Rayer of Cambira desam was his minister, and at the head of 63 other persons ; afterwards settled as accountants, of whom details follow, with the names of the towns in the Carnatic where Agraharams were established for them. The sixty-four families of Brahmans, thus introduced into the Carnatic, from the north, became the settled accountants, and arbitrators of boundaries. They conducted their accounts in the Girvanam language, (Sanskrit in the Balbund character). Bhoja raja ruled 66 years, from Sal. Sac. 188, 128, to S. S. 194, his rule ended in Caliyugam 3373 corresponding with Sal. Sac. 194. Next ruled Rajendra 71, Madhava Varma Cholan 31, Pandiya 60, Vira Chola (also called Cheran) 51, Deva Cholan 29, Sorna Cholan 20, Raja Cholan 41. He was also called Cali Cala Cholan, Devendra Cholan 60, Martanda Cholan 65, Rajathi raja Cholan 33, Palala 30, Vira Palala41,hi all 532 years, agreeing with Caliyuga 3905, S. S. 729. Chenna Balallan ; in his time a fa- mous annicut (or aqueduct) was formed from the Cavery for irrigation, all the 56 kings except Vikrama Cholan king of Cashmir contributed, and his share was divided, and borne among the remaining 55. As his quota was afterwards brought, that was appropriated in rebuilding an Agraharam, that Bhoja raja had caused to be constructed at Chatur Vedamangalam ; which during the ascendancy of the Jainas had been allowed to go to decay, and the king dissipated the Jainas, The Agra- haram received the names of Vikrama Chola Puram, Tanniyur and Gauveri Pakam. After which the Cashmir king went away. Chenna Ballala ruled 41 years, Vishnu Verdhana 40, Raja Ballala 51 years, Irthiya Ballala 41, Vijaya 41; other names of Ballala