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No. 78.— June, 1838.

I. — Second Report on the Examination and Restoration of the Mackenzie Manuscripts. By the Reverend William Taylor.

[Concluded from page 414.]

Manuscript Book, No. 5, Countermark 759.

Section 1. — Account of the Zemindar of Emakalapuram, in the Dindigul district, of the Coimbatore province.

(Stated to be copied from an original palm-leaf account.)

During the rule of the rayer in Cal. yug. 4520 Sal. Sac. 1341, my ancestors were of the Cdmavar tribe ; and Camulaca Nayaker lived at Devanampatnam, near Cuddalore, being head-man of the district. At that time the rayer had an unmanageable horse, which no one could govern till the aforesaid Camulaca, going to the capital, taught the keepers how to control the animal ; and, himself mounting the horse rode out with it for three days together, in the most unfrequented places and brought it back before the rayer on the fourth day, perfect- ly quiet. The rayer was so well pleased, that he gave the head-man the title of the horse, adding other titles, and distinctive banners ; and relinquished the district at Cuddalore to him in free gift, therewith dismissing him. At the time when Visvanatha Nayaker was sent to take possession of the Pandiya kingdom, the aforesaid Camulaca was ordered to accompany him, and afford aid. The household god of Camulaca became an image at Emakalapuram, where he settled. He received orders from Visvanatha Nayaker to furnish a quota of troops, towards the charge and defence of the fort of Madura. Some disagreement occurring between Kulase'gara and Visvanatha, the latter ordered the Emakalapuram chief to go against the former, which he did ; and after much fighting the former laid an ambush, so that Camulaca Nayaker was shot, as he was advancing with his peo-