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Grammar of the Brahuiky Language,

Story in Brahuiky.

Char bnndn^A hinar hamra masu ;

Four men set out in company, one asisargar, asitrakan, asi darzi, asi

a carpenter, one a goldsmith, one r , ,. i ,-. , , . , , a tailor, and one a fakeer : they fakir: da ka gida darer hinar huk- took with them gome thing . s and mat A7iudana hinar sahra seti hinar- started. By the order of God they muhibo Mofanajaga seti, sham tama- ^rived at a desert place, a place of ° great fear. Evening set in, they ta. Hesur pat dir Kh&kfmre lagafer brought firewood, they put water h-ngh biser kungor tusurmaslatkarer on the fire, they cooked food, eat it, . , in i . • v- jvj^ and as they were sitting had a con- tenpaten sala leaning juwane datfe ,. ,. ' ., & sultation among themselves and a- paspani fcAabardari leaning juwane greed, that it was a good thing to kul parer juwan toukal JT/mdana adopt some plan, and that it was a awal ko war dinai trakan pare good thing there to set a watch and be on their guard. They all said well, kanai parer juwan ilunk awal ko by God's permission whose shall be war na,e tulltak nan harm u sit Ma- the first watch - The carpenter said N mine. They all replied, Well, bro- china zangar pare na war purav mas ther ^ your > s is the first watchj be kane bashkes pare juwan nimkhach- seated, we three will goto sleep; bo,trakandamastus tugh hallt Dange ^e g?Wsmith said, when your watch

  • ° is finished, awake me ; he said well,

henge hura hamode bundas tamasas do you go to sleep. The carpenter dusha^fia teshei hawalamas zaif as is awake and seated, reclines his head, looks here and there, a log is lying by, he takes it into hand and nished, and he went to sleep, having- awoke the goldsmith. The gold. jod kare handa patan ona war purav mas o fcftacha baskare zargare zargar begins to carve it. In fact he made bashmas tus madanai mone hadsa a woman out of it, his watch was fi- nde zaif ase dade tikhoke durust kare dakana hamrana kareme kasha smith awoke and seated himself and tena ture kasha zarana tukaras tama slowly turning round his head ex- . ... claims holla, here is a woman placed karem kaning te saat jod kare touk herftj j con jecture this is the work phulo daswana banhi padink sha^a of my companion : he took out his zaJfe wasat juwan mas o khaoha 1 workba ^ * m } a piece of gold, and began to work ; he made such orna- bashkare darzi,e darzi damas tus men ts, as necklace, earrings, brace- mone hadsa zaife Mana patua butas lets, bangles, anklets and put them khana saat zewar tu kasha tena ture ° n *' ie % ul ' e ;^' ic . h looked very well, he then went to sleep having awoke tama giidh mo^angati kus gudh the tailor. The tailor awakes, is paijama kul gida e ta bar hal kare seated and turning his head, saw ,, , N , x . ,, r , r. r „, the woman, saw that it was a wooden odkhacha bashkare faMire. FaMir statue cov J red with jewe]Sj he toofe bashmastus mone hadsa zaife Mana out his working bag and stitched pare ya khudawanda da amro juvvand the Mlowingarticles of dress : a pet- .. , , . , v ticoat, a veil, a pair of drawers, all zaif ase wall arman ki patase du,a which be i ng completed he went to kare khuda ya tensl khuda inabar- sleep having awoke the fakeer. The katat da zaife sa yeti onadawa ami fakee , r awakes seats himself, turns N his head, and sees the woman, mas zaife sah tama roshan mas ham- and says Dh j God . wliat a beauti- rakt bashmasu harkas paire zaif ka- ful woman this is, what a pity she is