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Translation of Inscription of the Society s museum,

and three sorts of power* and successt, a hero, and destroyer of his enemies, and who had qualities like that of a Maharatha (a warrior fighting in a car) and whose fame is celebrated.

5. From him was born the powerful raja named Apava'ra as the se- sond Parasurama, who suppressed his enemies by his invincible hand as with a thunderbolt, and became great through the merits of poets, and whose spirit was warm like the sun in midday.

6. When he, the best of rajas, departed unto heaven without issue and all his kingdom was laid waste by various warriors, how long a time passed away in various ways, when the elephant-powered hero (Vichitravira) was in a different country, (Telinga.)

7. Vichitravira (who was another descendant of Janamejaya, and celebrated every where on the earth as a wonderful hero), was placed in his place. From him was born his fortunate son Abhimanyu, and from him was born Chandihara who was powerful and spirited like him (his father). He was made king by all his ministers.

8. He reigned impartially, cherishing all his servants, ministers, people, those who sought refuge, kinsmen and desired friends, and made both his kingdoms indisputable ; who was the cause of delight of all the earth, and whose lily-like feet were enlightened by the splendour of the head-jewels of many prostrate rajas.

9. From him arose Udyotaka Kesari, like the sun from the eastern mountain, illuminating the earth and heaven by his lustre, radiant as the sun and moon beams ; who was rich and the crown-jewel of the circle of earth defended by its four oceans ; and who was a conqueror of earth, like Ma'ndha'ta, Prithu, and Bharata.

10. Who having defeated the whole force of his enemy, the Sinhaia, Choda and Gaura (countries) as it were in child-play, and with well-armed warriors and a number of elephants in battles conquered the whole earth, causing numberless rajas to bow down their heads ; who was victorious and who made the tortoise oppressed with the weight of the earth sink down by the heavy march of his bright army, containing an ak$hauhini%.

11. His mother, named KoLA'VATi, was a daughter of the solar and the chief queen of the lunar line ; whose fame is a number of fhigs above the earth, and like the whirl wind ascending up, and like a hand going up with exertion as if to destroy the spots of the moon.

12. By that Kola'vati' was caused to be erected this cloud-touching temple with four beautiful halls, of four other gods, which is like a tree without brandies in interrupting the speed of the sun's car (ray?) like a crown over this earth and the king of fame, of Bramheswara, who destroys the sins of worshippers, and gives salvation to those who touch (his image) at Ekamra the holy place.

  • Powers derived from magnanimity, exertion, and private advice.

1* The successes of gaining land, gold, and friends.

X An army consisting of 189,350 foot, 65,610 horse, 21,370 chariots, and 21,970 elephants.