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journal of the

reputed father, Lewis Cobb; which was rend the first time.

Mr. Culberson, of Troup, laid upon the table a memorial from sundry citizens of said county praying for an additional election precinct in the county of Troup.

Also, introduced a bill to establish an additional election precinct at Long Cane post office in Troup county; which was read the first time.

Mr. Faver, of Troup, introduced a bill to incorporate the Lagrange Riflemen of the county of Troup, and to give them certain privileges and exemptions; which was read the first time.

Mr. Robinson, of Macon, introduced a bill for the relief of certain persons holding an interest in or title to fractional and whole lots of land sold under the authority of an act "to authorize the Governor to appoint fit and proper persons to sell and dispose of the undrawn lots in the land lotteries heretofore held in this State, and to limit the time for fraction purchasers to pay for and take out grants for fractions" approved 30th December, 1847; which was read the first time.

Mr. Peacock, of Washington, laid upon the table a bill, accompanied wiih a memorial from sundry citizens of the counties of Washington, Laurens and Emanuel, praying for the formation of a new county to be composed of parts of the above named counties respectively; which were referred to the Committee on Petitions, without being read.

Mr. Gartrell moved to suspend the special order of the day, and take up bills for a third reading; which motion prevailed.

The order being suspended, the House took up the report on the bill to repeal an act entitled an act to consolidate the offices of Tax Collector and Receiver of Tax Returns in the counties of Rabun, Camden, Irwin, Floyd, Scriven, Paulding, Wayne, Murray, Cherokee, Glynn, Telfair, and Laurens, so far as relates to the county of Murray, assented to 25th December, 1837, and agreed thereto.

The bill was read the third time, and passed under the title thereof.

The House took up the report on the bill to be entitled an act to abolish imprisonment for debt in certain cases.

Upon motion of Mr. Fish, the same was referred to the Judiciary Committee.

The House took up the report on the bill to alter and fix the timesof holding the Superior Courts in certain counties in the Cherokee Circuit.

Upon motion of Mr. Shackelford, the same was ordered to lie upon the table, subject to the call of the mover.

The House took up the report on the bill to alter and amend the tax laws of this Slate, to encourage sheep husbandry within the same, and concernign dogs.