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N?I?'?K?j ? l?hmm of Panam&. 87 dry the em?h,-the ?t' dense va?r ?s continually exhaling, w? ?s ?d fo?s i?en?- ?1ouds, ?i?g the country ?th ? in?ant ?ns. ?e sun ?cas?nally bu? out wi? ?e greatest fie?, ?t ?fom it ?n hn? had any but a m?i?m e? even to'? ?e st?, it is a?u enve- !o? iq clouds; ? a? it.?ins, cl?d? up, and ?ining, in such rapid ?uc?ion, mo?ng ?d night, that the heat ? seldom The d?pness and u?en?iness of the c?mat?, combined' wi? the h? ? ?e immodem? u? of splits, s?n succe? in ?ervating the ?mtitu?n, ?at the fi?t uttack of an e?emic ?nerally fa?; ?d though m?ical men of eminence have ?ca- ?o?ily ?en induc? to setfie in Port, Bello, they have ?ldom found ?ir ?dicines and lea?ng sufficient to guurd even them- selves long aghast the effec? of the climate. The city has thus ?quimd ? fide of: ? Sepult? de im Eum?os.' The ?pulati? ? ?w examely iimited--?e ?ater part ?g n? ?d mulatto, wi? one or two old Spaniards, who s?11 cling ? their property hem. Occasionn!!y a few ?site? a?ve from P?nmA, with g?ds, which they dis? of at an ex- ?nt pd?; and a small detachment of troops is sent from Pa?m? to do duty for a ?rtain time. But this is f?uenfiy ?ved; and ?e sur?. I?k forwa? wi? ?eat joy to ?e day' on whi? ? am ai?wed to depart. Th? wate? that r? from the different mountai? am patticu- rtly ci?r, a? delici?s to drink; but wo to ?e ?on who is ?h e?ugh to m?e immoderam u? of ?em, their ve? excel- ie?e ?ing ?eir misfortune, ? they cause dysen?s, from wh?h few ?ape; and airart all ?e ?ve? of the cou? ?ge= ne?te into ?is di?. They, ho?v?, afford ?e !ux? of a ?ol and refreshing bath, which ?e? ?e ?k? a !itt? before ?on; a? it is considered ?e of ?e most im?t ?cupa6ons of the ?y. ' ?s ? mounta'? and fo?s? ?hich abo? ?th animals of va?s ?s?ip?ns? ?d ? the very f?nda?om of t? house, K is not un? to find wild hop and amall ?ge? ?ar the ?n? and the later somotimes make inr?ds on ? fowls and o?er domestic animals. They a?a?iously ?ought af?r? how- ever? by ?e negros a? mulatt?s? ?d-?ters, and are ?icularly ex? ?ne?lly w? ? ?her a?s than a ian? and a mache?, or very long sab?-i? knife. and? ?coun?ri? ?e? with the left a? ?d in a ?nk? �? wi? ?e lance iu?n? ?he ?er ? mako a spring, when they ?ouud him ? ? ?on of t? ? if ?s?e? ?h make? him ?ti?. ?e hunter pursues? and generally auc?eding in agdn