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This page needs to be proofread.

One p?n in ?e? fi?'?d ?h?e? or, in o? w6?S, avenge numar in a family w? five, which may ? thought to indicate a slow inemu?. A?o?in?y, ? excms of birds able deaths in ? Santos, ? 18?7, w? only ?4, one seventy-?co?d part of the ?pui?tion? ? about onz and a half ?r cent. In the United S?tes the inc? e?ds thr?e, und app?aches to four per cent. Of the houses, a very i?ge proportion, almost a haif? are murk? ? hours in ?e count?, i?icatiug at on? ?curity? ?d the p?valence of u?icult?al occupation: two-thirds stated as ? ?atched hours,' ?e ?maihder as ' tiled.' T? column marked ' catfie' includes both oxen fo? d?ught and slau?ter. ?e breed is of g? s?e; and the d?ught-oxen, when well broken? fetch from twenty-five to thi?y d?lla? each. ?o? for slaugh?r may be bought at ?m ?elve to eight?n dollam e?h, ?e ?t. ?e m? of ho? ia ?ail, bet hardy; ? their pri? v?es from tilden m fo?y doiin?. Mu!? a? said by Mr. Lio? ? ? the animals ?t pd?d in the count, ? m?rn ? their num? in the c?ton ?-?s ?antos, in 18?7, is mall, ? stfi?ngly. to- i!!us?te his previous s?te?nt as to the fiat?m ? ?e count? in ? d?fion; for in mountainous dis?c?, ? is ?1 k?, no ? animal is ever ?. ?eir pfi? varies f? ?nty, e?n ? 110 dollre. The numar of goa? is also very sm?,, whi?, at flint sight, ?ms merely to ? ? same fa?; but w?n it is con,dared ?at'; thmug?ut the Wmt Ind? gaudily, ? a?al supples ? pl?' of the sh?p for t? ?ble, and in ?me d? u?o thatof ?e milch?ow for ?e da?, ru?y hem?uds to ? fur?r,ind?. Pigs a? few, ?d of most e?rbitunt ?l? of a g? ?i?'and well fatened, they ?ll fetch from thi?y to.thi?y?v? dollars ?ch; and'are c?efiy p?ch? by wom? butch?, who, a? kii?ng them, ?t off every ?mei fat, and. s?i:it ?p?ately as I? for cul?a? pu?s. Fish a? ?wl aro plentiful, cheaps a? much us?'; ?d in Pa? marks, b?reds 'of young sb?ks, of t? ? c?iled ?mei-?; and from ,o to two f?t and a half long, a? daily ?ld for f?. T? gu?a ? ? con?de?d an es?i ?nty, a? p?rl, ?, and m?y va?ties of ?e, ?ic?a? brought?n low?eh ?n ?lmlr, and is v? ?mmon alo? the b?ks of ? the rivera, chi?y on fruit ?d l?v? of trY. It hu a p?uli? ?wer o? ?nnlng on the ?p ?'w?r, w?h it.d? whh'? ?dity, ?d a?tly ? ?e ? I? ?wa ?, i?d? fo? ?r ?e ? ? a mm? ? web, n?bli? that ? ?e du?. ' ' ?e eg? of ?h?e crmtu?,?hen dried, ? ?nsider? a ?t lu?. ?ey litfie ? ? n ?s m?, and h? n?ly ? ?e ?our ? m?l?. ?e fi? it? r?blm ?n? of ?he fowl, ? in ap? ?d ?. ? M? quit?Indi?a ?io?ly ?me to the river Ch?, in ?mp?i? of twenty or thi?y, ? hun? the ?aBa, whi? t?ey do wiffi g?t ex?ne?, ?ing them ? ? ?ith?a;l ?'?d ? Shem ? fow]?i?s. ?e have ?h? ?h? ? ?ow ?d u? ?e.? w? ? ? ? Digitized by GOOgl?