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This page needs to be proofread.

?e following account of the income in 181?, may be ad?n- tag?ly subjoined, as showing what has been, for ?e p?nt at le?t, lost, and altered, by the sep?ation from Spain. INCO? OF P?AMA FOR THE YEAR 1812. ? Pa? . . . 2?240 E?tic? ?fi? in o? E?i?fi? ?tim . . 5,?2 ' Cantons . F? ?d? . 79 Poe's Dh?n?tlon B? . ?,? Quin?, or Du? fin Ool? and O? Bu? for 8? . Wyro' . . Frm o?er ? . ]9,?8 Ditto ? C?ds . . 2,? Fr? Hospi? . . 5? ?rnpike? . . . 1,? For In.ds ?Mon? Pio) 2,623 Volun?ry Contributions �110? ?u? 8? ?v? w ?st in ?m . . . l?a,l? on ?he War . . ?ow? .... 4?00 Cusw? on g?s in Cm? . 4? ?ti? on Aqu?i? . 21,200 Milita? Mon? Pio, Powder 2 Minismg? ditto . 1?4? ? . . �101? ?iv? for Clothing New ?ty on Aq?i? Htia .... de ? (?m Peru) . 2,? Mon?e Pio for Surgeo? . 251 ?nm 1,2? ?rdi? ?butlo? 9,? fi?fion? . . 10,? ?46?41 E?l?i?fic? ?ti? ?n o? ' ?z �2,7?2 Mann?, ?d?H? ?n. ?c.?The upper closes in t? Isthmus am of ?e ?mmon stock, but by no means so far ad- vanced in civil?agon ? ?ek neighbout. The white ?ople, and particularly the women, ?e noted f? a tinge of European com- plexbn, which ?n haply be mco?iled with their geographical pmifion. ?ey am the mint su?mtitious, and the !e?t freed from ?e shackl? of their religion, of all ?e Columbians; ?d �us, al?ough their commu?cagon with the English is conside- rable, and ?ey admire and profgss to imitate our domestic habit, we are not in gener? favouri?s with them. The women ? m?ed ?d even un?i?, s?rcely ever leaving �eir hours but to m?s, or to follow in a religious pmce?ion. They are also altogether uninfo?d, and mar their children in �e worst manner, allowing them to ?socia? ind?crlminately with ?e iow?t negus of ?eir own age. Hence, ?ough them ? a college at Panaml, the head of which is a most excellent, weli- ?fo?ed cle?yman, and comide?ble ?im am here ?ken to in- struct the you? in ma?ematics, natural philosophy, and other, �a higher, acien?,?yet the formation of their cha?cter, and �e i?tilment of honourable principle, and right f?ling in them, am mg!?t?; and bilfiards, c?kpi?, gambling, and smoking in low zompany: ? ?ek ?sclusivz atonement. It is not probah!%