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!18 TAe B? Sea. Clarke preserves u portion of an inscription ;ound in the supposed ruins of Oihiopolis, and b?ught ?m thence by Mr. ?elsalJ, Trinity ?olleffe, ?amb?ge, which ?gins with the very singular title of 'A?? ?0y?f?T, to ?chilles the ? of the S?, title which may sere to throw ?me light upon the !e?nd of his being ?e ?n of a sea-nymph: and a tongue of !and n?r the mouth of the Bo?sthenes ? still called Kiiburun; which, ? Burun si?ifies projecting land, (as in Aia Burun, Ca? Aia, and many other places,) is clearly ?chi!!-Burun, or Achilles Point? probably ?e identical ?f?o? A? of antiquity. It is curious, indeed, to obse?e how the name of Ac?!? is connected with this sea and we may ?nture to add to the invaluable work of Major Ren- nell on the Geog?phy of Herodotus, the ?ason of the ap?!!ation ?stowed upon the remarkable ?act in question, which he sa)'s is not told*. For we call to mind that Iphi?nia, to whom Achilles was affianced, or ?ho was rather bronght to ?ulis under �at pre?xt, according to Euripides, when she was ?scued the impious sacrifice, is rep?nted to have been transported to the temple of ?e Tau?an Dia?; ?d we may imagine thee names to have ?en the ?stiges of the subsequent pu?uit of her dis? appointed lover. ?e Scholiast, indeed, upon Pindar, p?sage to which I have before mfe?ed, distinctly gives us this ?adifion T; and the cla?i?l student, who has leisure to through the obscurities of Lycophron, will find that this pursuit on ?e part of Achilles is exp?sly mentioned by that au?or; ?at he names the Island and the Dromos as two didrent places says, that the hero was fated to tread the soil of Scythia, through five yea? of grief, in quest of his betrothed? ?io Ch?sostom, too, in his B?rysthenitic oration before cid, gives us a curious account of the inhabitants of that place, whom he visited in person, of their extraordina? attachment to the me- mory of Achilles, and on his account to Homer ?, whose ?e? they all knew by heart, to ?e exclusiou of other literature. �Vol. i.p. 85, 8rs. ?. And in the ?d o? the Andr?ache, v. 1260, Thetis {8 made ? ?ophe? ? Pel? Digitized by Google.