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This page needs to be proofread.
Geographical Notice of the Empire of Marocco.
English. Arabic. Berēber. Shellūh.
Eyes Ayün Allen Alen
Feet Rijlain Etarran Idarn
Give me Ara Efikie Fikihie
Honey Asel Tament Tamint
Man Rajel Erghaz Argaz
Mountain Jebel Addrar Adderar
Morning S'bagh Zik Zik
Nose Anf Thinzarth Tinzah
Slave El abd Isimgham Issemg'h
Sultan Sultan Aghoullid Aglid
To-morrow Elgad Ezikkah Azgah
Water Elma Aman Aman
Village Dahar Theddert Thedderth
Woman Murrah Temthont Tamtoot
Year Sanat Esougaz Acsougaz

These two languages cannot be very dissimilar, in fact I have little doubt that they are dialects of the same; further examination is necessary, and a knowledge of the circumstances under which the translation was formed; but if, as I strongly suspect to be the case, a vocabulary derived from a native of one of the Kabyles or clans, which inhabit Atlas south-east of Algiers, and that from a native of the mountains south of Marocco, prove to be the same, we shall have obtained a key to a language spoken throughout the mighty range of Atlas, and extending from Baheereh on the banks of the Nile, to Cape Noon on the Atlantic Ocean, a distance of more than two thousand miles; nay more, there is every reason to believe that the Berēber is the native idiom of all northern Africa, it is the language of the Mozabies; the Wadrēgans; the Wurgelans; the Tuaryks; and Berēber words may be traced on the confines of Egypt and Abyssinia.

Jews are in this country, as elsewhere, a living proof of the literal fulfilment of that prophecy delivered more than three thousand years ago,—'Lo, the people shall dwell alone, and shall not be reckoned among the nations.'—Numbers xxiii. 9; and although ignorant of the existence of such a command, the Moors have strictly and literally complied with it, obliging them to live in a particular quarter of their cities. The Jews are a very numerous and serviceable body; they are the chief mechanics, interpreters, &c., and the medium through which all commercial business is carried on with Europeans; they are also obliged to submit to the most menial offices, as servants, porters, scavengers, &c. Despised and insulted by the Moors, whom they cheat on all occasions, they have no redress, but must submit to be abused, struck, nay, to be stoned by a Mussulman child, against whom, if a Jew lift up his hand, he will infallibly lose it; if passing a mosque, he must take off his slippers; if he meet any of the emperor's household, even the old