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? 64 OeO?al?t o.[ Tie?'a dd ? an o?ning which at fi?t had an ap?c? that w? ?vou?ble ? the d?i? commu?cation, but it ?ina?d ? low w?y !?d. ?ere ?a, however. a w? hill ?ar ? ahoy, w?ch he ?ended wi? ?e ho? of ob?g a viow of the coun?; but t? sides ?d su?it of ?e hill we? so ?y clo&ed ? to obstruct his view, and wi& ?e ex?pfi? of ?me distant high land in the ?uth-east qu?r, and a ?t of water about s? mi!? off in &e same ?ng, no?ing cemed to ?y him for the fafig? and t?uble of the ?cent. ?e&er the wa?r is a !ag?, or a ?rt of ?e Sk? Wa?r, or whe&er it c?muni?s with &e opening ?nding r?nd no? side of D?evor C?tle, ?m?ns yet ? ? ?r?. Mter ?ing foiled in &is attempt, Lieutenant Skyting p? onwa? in a S.S.W. di?cfion, and afar a pull of ?n ? ?me m &e bottom of ?e ?und. It was reginald by high p?pi- ?us !and enci?ling eve? p?t. ' Thoughout t? examination of ' &is sound,' he wd?s, ' we never dhtingu?hed any s?ng? of ' tide, and the ri? and fall never ap?a?d to have exce? ' f?t; that ?ere was a slight ebb and flow w? evident f?m t? ' s?ams of foam which extend? from ?e wa?r ?u?, and ' al? f?m the fallen leav? home off the sho? of the bay? in long ' lines; but si? like ?, I ?lieve, will ? conside?d ?dica- ' tive of the? ?ing no st?ngth of tide. I have fiequently noticed ' su? ap?amnces in 1? ?rts and inlet, but never in any ' channel.' Neither wig?ms, nor traces of Indians, ?re ?n in t?s ?und, ano?er pr?f, we? one ?qui?d, of' ?e sound not com- muni?fing with the Skyring Water; for t? Indi? ve? r?!y visit the? dee? inlet, but are always ? ? found in na?ow s?i? or communicating c?ls, where, from &e streng? of &e tide, seals and ?rpo?s, which constitute the principal Fuegian Indians, abound. Sa?iento's name, &e?fo?,of' Artcon sin salida' (a cove or inlet ?out a &oroughfa?), a n?e, which we had ho?d to have expunged Dom t? cha? must now ?m?n a l?ting memorial of ? e.n?ing ch?cter, and of a voyage d?ly one of ?e m?t celebrated ? well ? ?st ?eful of &e age in which it w? ?ffo?ed. The te?inafion of Obst?ction Sou? is one of the mint re- mar?ble featu?s in the geog?phy of &is Pa? of Sou& ?edca. In ?is examination the ?uthem ex?mity of &e ?i!le? was ascertained. ? ?tem s?s of &e in?rior channels we? found to ? low plaim, with no hills ?r moun?m visible in the distance, ?d such ?ing t? featu? a? of ?e northern ?ores of the O.tway and Skyring Waars, it is probable that all ?e coun? to ?e e?t of the ?un? is a confinued? or plan. Recent tra? of Indians we? ?n m some pl?s, but at &e .tim? our p?ty was &ere they we? either ab?nt or had ?nceal? Dig,tiz?d by Google