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! 70 ?7eogra?hy of Tierra dd Fuego, the channel in ?me places to a mile, ?d in one p?ce to not more ?an fifty y?ds in w?&. Hem, of coup, the tide ? with great s?eng?. Sever? vea?ls, however? have p?s? ?rough it under sail; ?d ?e ship, (a whaler beion?ng to Me?. Ender- bys,) wor?g through t? S?t, ?d fin&ng much difficulty in p?sing to ?e westwa?, bore up, ?d, ?e wi? being f?r and �e dis?nce ? sea only fifty miles, ran ?mugh it ?out ?cident. The land to the w?tw?d of the Barbara Ch?nel is high and rugged; and although in the valli? ravin? ? shel?md nooks ?ere is no want of veg?ion? yet, in comp?ison with the e?m ?t of the StrUt, it ? a very dism? ?d un?vi?g apdarance. was called by Sarmionto, ' Santa Ines Islam*;' but N?b? rough c?!ed it, ve? appropriately, ' Sou? D?ola?on, it ?ing,' as he says, ' so deao?te !and to ?hold ?.' Clarence Island, ?e extent of which ? fif?-two miles long and twenty-three broad, al?ough equally rocky, ? much more ve?ant in apdarance. The uniform direction of ?e he?landa of the north shore of t? ?land is remarkable. Upon taking a ?t of angles with the theod01i? plaid u?n ?e ?emi? of ?e west end of Bell Bay, opposite to Cape Holland, ?e most prominent poin? to ?e south-e?t, u far as could be a?n, were all visible m the field of ? te?s? at the s?e being. ?e ?me ?ing occu?ed on the opposite shore of the Strait, where ?e projections of Cape G?lant, Ga? Holl?d, and Cape Frow?d, are in ?e same ii? of bearing; so ?at a parallel ruler pl?ed on the map upon ? projecting poin? of the south shore, extended across, will aho touch ?e headlands of the oppoai? coast. T? e?m ?land, which ?d been previously called, and of coupe ret?ns on our char? ?e name of King C?r?'s 8outk La?d, extra from the entr?ce of the 8t?it to the outlet of the Barbara and C?kburn Chan?ls, at Cape ?hom?rg. The northern part partak? of the geological ch?ac?r of ?e e?m portion of the St?it. The centre is a con?ua?on of the slate formation, which is evident at a glance, from the unifo?i? of the direction of the ah?a of Admiralty Sound, the ?ab? Channel, and all ?e bays and mountain range? of Dawson's Island. The south ?ore, or seaward coast line, ? princip?ly of greenstone, excep?g the shores of the Beagle Channel, which exte?s from Christmas Sound to Ca? S? Pi% a d?tance of a hundred and twenty ?lea, with a course so direct ?at no points of the opposite shores cross ?d intercept a free view through; although i? avenge ?madth, which also is very parallel, is not more than a mile, and m some places only a third of a ?nile across. The south shor? of Hoste and Nav?in Islands are of hornblende rock, which is ?so the principal com?nent of the islands in the neigh?ur- �8?ieato, p. 180. ? ?.?rough'a Voy?e, p. 78. Dig,tiz?d by Google i