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On the Course and Term? o[the Niger. 19! of the stream (never exceeding three miles, anti'decreasing down- wards), was adopted and !aid down on a large scale. This was next reduced into the five sheets that accompany the present paper, which, when joined together us they are marked, show the general course of the river, with such remarks from the jour- nals relating to its banks as occurred during its construction. The materials, thus brought together, underwent a further reduction, on being copied in the general map, between the points before- mentioned; and it is with some satisfaction, even after the neces- sarily rough manner in which the whole has been put together? that the following particulars may be pointed out as throwing a degree of probability on the course now laid down being nearly that of the Quorra, which was scarcely to have been expected. The month of the river Nun in the map is nearly due south of Boos? and the course of the river to the east is about the same as that to the west, which corresponds with that condition. The river Goodoonia fails'into the Quorra nearly in the same place as before laid down. The great Tshadda was also found to enter the ?uorra at about the point before reported. And with respect to Yfioori it may. be added, that Soccatoo was said to be five days' journey from ?t; while the distance from the former as laid down by Lander, to the latter as given by Clapperton, is about 100 miles t which near!? corresponds with a journey of five days. Dig,tiz?d by Google