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Notize on Khoten. ?37 city, which is likewise the head-quarters of the Moosulman gover- nor of that province. ' The third city, or Yooroong-kash, the city of the rapid river, is only a kos (mile and a half English, nearly) and a half distant from Elechee to the east, and contains a thousand houses. ' Cheera, the fourth city, is situated to the south three days' urney distant from Yooroong-kash, contains two thousand uses, and its district is particularly famous for the production of silk. ' Kurreea, the fifth city, is distant from Cheera four days' jour- ney, in the direction of south-south-east, and contains four thousand houses. ' Yungee-kishlak, the sixth city, is four days' journey distant from Kurreea, in the direction of south-south-east, and contains a thousand houses. My reporter cannot form any satisfactory esti- mate of the number of the inhabitants of the districts belonging to the cities. In the mountains there are from three to four hundred houses of shepherds: but by far the greatest propertion of this very numerous class is nomadic, without other habitations than tents. Rating the population of the cities by six persons to each house,Nwhich, from what I have seen of the towns of this country (Ladakh), is rather below than above the average--it will amount to one hundred and two thousand individuals, independently of the inhabitants of the districts. ? The road from Yarkund to Karakash is divided in?o stages, or journies, of which the following are usually taken by travellers not encumbered by baggage. From �arkund to Karakash (Karghalic ?) 20 kos. ,, Karakasl? to Choulak . 5 ,, Choulak to Gooma 20 ,, Gooma to Moojee 15 ,. Moojee to Pialma . 20 ,, Pialma to Zawa 20 ,, Zawa to Karakash 12 112 kos. ' But a karllab canwith difficulty make more than ten or twelve kos in a day. At the distance of seven kos from Karakash, on the way to. Choulak, the face of the country is covered with a deep tine sand, extremely light, and so subject to shift and to efface all common indications of a road, as to have rendered it necessary to mark i?s line by a double row of wooden posts, which extend with- out interruption as far as Karakash. ? The greatest length of the country of Khoten is about twelve days' journey from west to east, its breadth only two days' journey from south to north. Digitized by Google