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e44 Notice o? Khoten. ' The Ri?'? of?Khoten.mThe Karakash, Kara Demas, or Black River (Kava meaning b?k in Toorkee, and K?h, ?v?), pmc?ds from ?e mountaim of Khoten, ?ows fi?t ?om east to we?t as far ? Shah?d, Ooilah, Kojah. twenty-four kos, then north for twelve k?, where it ?eive? the Toghree?oo ?ver. ' This s?eam (which signifies ?e straight wa?r, T?h?ee, in T?rkee, me?ing stra?ht, and 8?. water) takes i? rise in the Karhlik Duvan, or Icy mountains (Karlik, pl?e of mow, and �n, ?n?in). After this increase it tums m the nor?-east, and ?nfinues in th? diction fill it reaches the city of Kamk?h, situated on im left bank. The.whole of t? distance, or source of the fiver to this city, is about nine days journey.' ' Pursuing im course in the same direction past the city of Y?roongk?h, placed on its right bank, and within a quarter of a k? of i? stream, in one day's journey more, this fiver unites with ?e fiver of Y?roongk?h. ' The Y?r?ngkash, or rapid river, has i? source in the H?ing- h? Togh, or blind mountain, at three days' journey east from the rise of the Karakash, but in ?e same chain. It flows in a straight line ? the city of Yoomongkash. I? stream is smaller, but more ?pid than that of ?e Karakash, and abounds a!? xvith jas?r- agates*, which are mo? highly prized than those of the latter whole ?, w?ch ? not a few hun? ?s in leah, was laid m?t ?th jud?en? ?d e? with a ?lidity t?t had ap?ntly 1o? bmv? ?e i?uenm of the ?ns. ?nning ab?ptly, it end? m ?ddenly, and ? K the l?t ?rtlon h? ?n ? away by ? ?th?p whi? ? fom? a ? for a ?ent. But l?i? ? I ?w, or f? I row, i? lon? llne sw? ?ily? the chain of hffis I ? skirt. On qu?g?tng the ?t? who ?ied my ?, r?ting the knowl? of this ?, they stat? ?ac it w? ?M the s?'s ?, ? wm ? ancient. ' He?ing ?eof ? ? t?t it m ?e ? or ?Sal, and not ?11?ing t?t ?e ?j?* of the m?n?tns h? ? tgbu? w the M?I empe?n I mid my infor? ?t ? p?bably m?nt the ?jah's r?, ? whi? an ?nt &d man o?, that it w? not m?e by any ?J?, but by s?e BaUsCh whm n?e he h? never h?. He h? hea?, he ?id, that In ?clent t?m? mu? ?mme? t was ?rri? on by it ?tween HJnd?n and ?me ve? ?s?nt ?ntg?. ? f?ent I allude ? is a few k?, ? far ? my m?o? se? ? the nor?-?t of ?e ?11age o? Bun?l?, which lle? I ?n?ive, ? the no?h-w?t of the mln? foa of Ch?d?. Per? this m? have ?n ? of ?e ? ? Khot?, ?d ? it is presum? not ? ? imp?bable that ? o? i? line might ? made out by the in211i?nt and z?i?s ? ?ploy? In su?eying that region ? the hillsY �? A widely spread ?ief ob?ns in A?a, ?at if ?i?n in?n? for the dest?ction of? ? put in? a j?.?ate ?p, ?e v?l ?H fiyln?pi?s, and ?tmy the qu?ity o? it8 ?n?n?. It is thought b? s? orlen?s ?at Hquor d?k f? ?p of jaa? ? ?e ?wer ? ?nquHllzin?ir?lar ?tions of ?e gailyif ?d? by robbing with ?gr v?l the r?lon of this ?, and ? ?e mou? ?d surmundi? p?ts. It is ? ? that any o?ment o? this materi? ?e qu?it y of ?verting from the ?n ? thew?r the st?ke ? lightni?. su? ? Eum? ?y ?nsider su? att?but?, p?judi?, ?ction? by antiq?tyt ?ve ?t ?fiu? on ?e minds ? ?e i?abitants of the ?tern world.* t In ? ? the cremeroe once card? on between Hindo?n and Kho?n, E?n?, note 310. Me. M?co Polo I and for the remort of the merchan? ?om DelM, !n the reign of Shah Juhan, see the history of that soy?elsn. Digitized by