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248 A?count of Danish Di?overles on tile Frederick I[L, David Daneli; iu the reign of Frederick V., Peter Olsen Walloe; and in the reign of Christian VII., MM. Lowe- norn, Egede, and Rothe. But all these attempts were fruitless, so far as concerned the discovery of Greenland to the east of Cape Farewell; and the only navigator who went so far was M. Valloe, who, by coasting, in the year 1752, arrived at Kangek, in latitude {?0 �?. The other expeditions never succeeded in landing, nor even approached nearer to the shore than the distance of four !e=gues. It was nearly at that distance that Captain Danell, in 1C,?2, 3d of June, in latitude C? �, discovered two islands, to which he gave the names of Hoidsolen (white sun). and Mutelost Skib (dismasted ship). The �of the same month he discovered five other islands situate more to the north. ' Under the reign of Frederick VI., distinguished by the encou- ragement of all the sciences, the search after this lost part of the monarchy was not likely to be forgotten, particularly as the expedi- tions fitted out for this purpose by the government had been always strongly seconded by the enthusiasm of the people. A commission was nominated to investigate all the difficulties of the enterprise, and the means by which they might be overcome; and this commis- sion having reported, M. Graah (captain of a frigate), who already during the years 1823 and 1824, had surveyed the west coast of Greenland, between � ?0' and 73 �latitude, was appointed to the command of an expedition destined to renew the attempt. ' lu the spring of the year 1828, he repaired to Greenland with M. Vahl, naturalist, and was there.joine?i by M. Mathiesen, who was to serve him as an interpreter. In the course of this year (1528) and in the establishment of Juliamhaab, he organized his expedi- tion, causing to be constructed two konebaades (women's canoes) and two cajacs, engaging two Greenland men and ten Greenland women, and collecting the provisions and articles of commerce which were likely to be required; and, having done this, he went to winter at ?Tenortalik, the establishment nearest to Cape Fare- well. and situated at Cg) �46" of north latitude, and 46 � west of Greenwich. ? On the 20th of March, 1829, the expedition consisting of four Europeans and twelve natives, embarked in two konebaades, and two cajacs, as already mentioned, and quitted Nenortalik. Instead of doubling the sout h promontory of Greenland, Kangek-kyrdlex (Statenbuk), situate on an island, they pushed on through the strait which separates that island from the continent, and in this way reached the eastern coast, where their progress was much retarded by masses of ice heaped up in a way that appeared extra- ordinary even to the Greenlanders.. Being thus retarded, the con- sumption of European provisions was so considerable, compared with their progress, that M. Graah determined to send. away the Dig,tiz?d by Google